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Related Groups Feature Test Results

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  • jheldt@yahoo-inc.com
    I am sure you will all be happy to learn that we ve completed the test phase of the Related Groups feature. This means that “Related Groups” are currently
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2008
      I am sure you will all be happy to learn that we've completed the test phase of the Related Groups feature. This means that “Related Groups” are currently no longer appearing in the right hand column of Groups emails.

      The results are in
      As mentioned in the original post on this topic, we were testing a concept that we believed would address a concern we have heard from Groups users, members specifically, that while they love the groups they are currently members of, it's often very difficult to discover other relevant groups that they might also be interested in joining. As Leonard mentioned in his update to my original post, our goal with this test was to learn whether the feature is useful for Yahoo! Groups users. If we found that the feature was useful, we would want to invest more into it. If we found that it was not useful, we would want to remove it or improve it. The results are in and we found that the members who received “Related Groups” in their group emails did indeed discover other relevant groups that they were interested in joining. As a matter of fact, the member uptake of this feature far surpassed our expectations (meaning that an overwhelming number of Groups members subscribed to new groups they learned about in their group emails).

      What does that mean?
      Well, this means that we've validated our belief that this would be a great way for Groups users to discover new groups. This also means that we’ll be investing more into this feature. Before you get upset, please hear me out, there were some other learnings that I wish to share as well.

      As we've assured all along, we have been reading all of the comments, feedback, and suggestions you've shared with us here on the blog, on the Groups Suggestion Board, on the Moderator Central Message Boards, and in the various groups about Groups. We are full aware of the concerns some of you have and the last thing we want to do is implement a feature that is contrary to your group guidelines or that would cause any unnecessary disruption. We realize that so many of you have invested a great deal of time, energy, and a devotion to your groups and we are extremely grateful for that.

      Based on your feedback, here are some things that we will be changing in the release of this feature (which won’t be for some time, and we’ll give you advance notice):
      - Provide a way for Groups owners and moderators opt out, allowing them to decide what will work for their group, or not
      - Reconsider what we call this feature
      - Further optimize how groups are selected to appear (attempt to make them more relevant)
      - Explore options to allow Groups owners and moderators more granular control
      - Give you advance notice when we decide to re-launch this feature

      Last but not least, the one thing I want to leave you with is that your constructive feedback is very valuable to us. While not everyone may agree, it is the responsibility of the Groups team to take the entire Groups community into consideration when thinking about new product features and solutions. This includes Groups owners and moderators as well as Groups members and in this case, we saw that group members found value in this feature based on the test results.

      Thank you once again for your effort to share your thoughts with us!

      Please post any comments to the Groups blog: http://www.ygroupsblog.com/blog/2008/03/25/related-groups-feature-test-results/

      Groups Community Manager
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