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  • Gordon Strause
    Here are updates on three problems affecting significant numbers of groups or users. GROUP ACTIVITY LOGS AND RECENT ACTIVITY NOT UPDATING As many moderators
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2009
      Here are updates on three problems affecting significant numbers of
      groups or users.

      As many moderators have probably noticed, the "Group Activity" logs in
      the Management section have not been updating. The team has been working closely with Tibco, the company behind a key piece of software that Groups relies on to process our incredible volume of these logs, to address the issue, but the problem is not yet solved. And while the work will continue over the weekend (it's 7:30 pm on Friday in California as I write this), I wouldn't expect this issue to be resolved before some time next week.

      Unfortunately, the queuing system that processes these logs is also the system that updates the "recent activity" module (on group home pages, the Groups Front Page, and My Groups), so this module will be out of date as well until the logs problem is resolved.

      We're painfully aware that this is the bug that will not die. And while there is some good news, it's balanced by some not as good news (caused mainly by the logs problem):
      - The Good News: Approximately 8000 groups have been migrated to the new message search system and for these groups, message search is working correctly again (with a couple caveats described in the Bad News below).
      - The Bad News I: The new message system also relies on the same queuing system as the logs. So messages posted since the logs began to backlog (for most groups on the 19th) won't appear in search, even for groups on the new system.
      - The Bad News II: No additional groups can be migrated until the
      queuing system is fixed.
      - The Bad News III: A couple (of the nine) servers the new message
      search system is running on are behaving flakily. So sometimes it may be necessary to repeat a search a couple of the time to get the right
      results (though we hope to address that problem soon).

      We began receiving reports today that some Verizon and Comcast users are having trouble receiving messages from Groups. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to address this issues. We are sending the messages to Verizon and Comcast, but they are either bouncing them, delaying them, or dropping them. And this despite the fact that we have filled out (multiple times) the information that Verizon and Comcast ask for in these situations.

      At this point, the only thing that is likely to help the problem is for enough Groups users to complain to Verizon and Comcast so that they feel compelled to take action. And when you do complain, there are three things you can do to make it more likely your complaint will be acted upon:
      1. If there is information about your latest bounced message on your
      "bounce history page", send it along with your complaint.
      http: //groups.yahoo.com/ member/preferences/communication/bounce_history? email=YOUREMAILADDRESS is the direct link to your bounce history.
      (remember to replace "YOUREMAILADDRESS" with your email address).
      2. If the problem is messages being delayed (rather than not delivered), send them the full headers of your delayed message.
      3. Point them to this group, which is designed for ISP Admins:

      We're sorry for the hassle and inconvenience these problems cause.

      - Gordon
      Yahoo! Groups

      P.S. As always, if you need help from beyond Yahoo! beyond the
      information in this post, your only option is to contact Customer Care:

      While we try to read comments on the blog and mail to the owner address, we do NOT take action on them. The ONLY way to get help is to contact Customer Care.
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