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Re: bug update

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  • gordon_groups_pm
    Have posted the message below to the blog , so folks who are interested can now leave comments there
    Message 1 of 2 , May 26 6:47 PM
      Have posted the message below to the blog <http://www.ygroupsblog.com/blog/2009/05/26/bug-update/>, so folks who are interested can now leave comments there (although, as I mention on the blog, if you want to report an additional issue, commenting on the blog is not a substitute for contacting Customer Care).

      In addition, I added to the blog post an additional bug, which I inadvertently left off the original message below: this is the "disappearing text in replies" bug, which is affecting some users:

      --- In moderatorcentral@yahoogroups.com, "Gordon Strause" <gordonst@...> wrote:
      > As lovers of the outdoors know, with the summer comes more bugs.
      > Unfortunately, this year a fair share of these bugs are afflicting
      > Yahoo! Groups.
      > Below is an update on our highest priority bugs, all of which our
      > engineering team is actively working to squash.
      > If you would like to report additional issues, contact Customer Care:
      > http://tinyurl.com/contactCC
      > http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/groups/original/ownmod/forms/forms_index.html
      > (NOTE that replies to this message will not get a response. Contacting
      > Customer Care is the only way to get help from Yahoo!)
      > Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve these issues, and we're sorry for any additional hassles these bugs have caused you.
      > - Gordon
      > Yahoo! Groups
      > This is our number one priority bug since it's affecting so many groups and has no work around. As folks who read the blog know, we have been working hard to rebuild our message search system for a number of months.
      > The Bad News: The final phases of the this project have proved trickier than expected, which is why we haven't met our goal of having groups that have signed up to be migrated on the new system by mid-May.
      > The Good News: Talked again this morning with the engineer leading this project, and he believes we're very close to being able to roll out the new system more broadly. In fact, he hopes to solve the last remaining issues and actually begin migrating more groups as early as tomorrow (although I think Thursday (Pacific Time) is more realistic). And assuming he encounters no unexpected problems, we should still be able to have all groups that have signed up to be migrated on the new system by the end of the month.
      > Message Search Blog Posts:
      > http://www.ygroupsblog.com/blog/?s=message+search
      > Message Search Known Issue Page:
      > http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/groups/original/issues/ki-30.html
      > We know that many groups are seeing this error when they land on the
      > group home page or pending messages page. Usually, the error will go
      > away if you refresh the page, but if the problem persists despite
      > multiple refreshes, please contact Customer Care.
      > There has been an ongoing known issue where groups are mistakenly
      > recategorized behind the "adult wall" (meaning that no one under 18 can access). And while annoying, until recently Customer Care has been able to fix this mistake quickly for affected groups (when it is brought to their attention).
      > But in the past few weeks, for a handful of groups, the problem has
      > become much more frustrating because they are being reclassified as
      > adult every single day. In other words, the problem is being fixed by
      > Customer Care, but a bug is causing the group is to placed back behind
      > the adult wall again the next day.
      > We are working hard to identify what is triggering this bug (it has
      > nothing to do with the content of the group), but as of yet have not
      > identified the root cause. Once we do, we will roll out a fix. In the
      > mean time, if your group is being affected by this issue, please let
      > Customer Care know, and they will manually fix your group every day
      > until the problem stops.
      > Recategorized into Adult Known Issue Page:
      > http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/groups/original/issues/movedintoadult.html
      > Some moderators are currently getting errors when they try to update
      > their group's home page photo. Please contact Customer Care if this
      > problem is affecting you.
      > We should be able to manually fix the problem for your group right away (though it may take us longer to roll out a more global fix that will prevent the problem from occurring in the first place).
      > Some users are reporting problems uploading photos, with only half the
      > photos they submit being successfully uploaded in any given upload
      > attempt. If this problem is affecting you, please contact Customer Care.
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