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Groups Update: Missing Groups, AOL, Missing Members, Message Search

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  • y_groups_team
    Thank you all for your patience during this week s outage. We wanted to keep you updated on a few issues that may be impacting your experience on groups.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2009
      Thank you all for your patience during this week's outage. We wanted to keep you updated on a few issues that may be impacting your experience on groups.

      Missing Groups
      After Monday's maintenance a few of you have reported that some of your groups were "missing" from your groups list. If you are missing any of your groups please go through the Membership Wizard, found here: http://groups.yahoo.com/memwiz This will detect any groups registered to your ID. Once you've completed the Membership Wizard any "missing" groups should return to your groups list.

      AOL Users
      We're receiving reports from some moderators and users that some AOL users are not receiving messages from Yahoo! Groups and are being put into bouncing status. For more information on this issue and information on how to "unbounce" yourself, please go here : http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/groups/original/issues/aol.html

      New Members Not Showing Up
      If there are members who have recently joined your group but do not show up in your Membership List, please report this issue to Customer Care, as this is a bug. When reporting the issue to Customer Care please provide a list of the missing members. To report this issue, please go here : http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/groups/original/members/forms/forms_index.html

      Message Search
      While we know that many of you are disappointed that this week's maintenance did not include a fix to the message search issue, we are happy to report that we will be pushing out a fix to ALL groups in the next month that should resolve this problem. Currently groups that are affected by this bug are not returning search results altogether, or, may not be returning complete results. If your group meets these criteria, please register your group here : http://surveylink.yahoo.com/wix/p6290938.aspx and it will be one of the first groups migrated over to the new Message Search next month.

      As always, please stay up to date on the latest issues by checking the blog (http://www.ygroupsblog.com) or the Known Issues page (http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/groups/original/issues/index.html;_ylt=AqMe.blDgWspDQU_a1af7mlmcXdG) in the Help section. If you're having an issue that isn't addressed here or in the help section, please report the issue to Customer Care so we can investigate the issue further.


      Melissa Daniels
      Yahoo! Community Manager
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