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Three Bug Fixes

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  • Gordon Strause
    Three pieces of very good news on the bug front this week: 1. Yahoo! s operations team has figured out how to redirect traffic around the severed cable
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2008
      Three pieces of very good news on the bug front this week:

      1. Yahoo!'s operations team has figured out how to redirect traffic
      around the "severed cable problem" we posted about on Friday,
      eliminating significant email delays for Yahoo! Groups messages
      (Note: There was a separate delay issue that began affecting some Yahoo! Mail users yesterday, but the problem would have affected their mail generally and would not be limited to Yahoo! Groups messages).

      2. The problem preventing YMail/Rocketmail and Broadband Partner users
      from joining (and creating) groups has been fixed. The join process
      should now work for them in the same way as everyone else. They no
      longer first have to create an alias.

      (Note however, that when these users add files/photos/links/etc., they
      will find that their full email addresses are exposed unless they do
      take the time create an alias (and then select that alias (or "profile") on the Edit Membership Page). See below for further information on how these users can create an alias.)

      3. The "103 errors" that were affecting some dial-up users trying to add photos to groups (that have been migrated to the new photos platform) has been addressed by increasing the time limits before our system generates this error. This change should largely eliminate this problem, although it may still recur in cases where a user is on a particularly slow connection and/or is trying to upload a particularly big image.

      (However, the "sort problem" with albums on the new platform that was
      fixed in November has temporarily returned. It will be fixed in early

      Thanks to our engineering team for their hard work in getting these
      fixes in place before the Holiday lockdown on new pushes. Thanks to our users for their patience in working around these issues. And best wishes for a wonderful Holiday season to all!

      Gordon Strause
      Yahoo! Groups Product Manager

      P.S. As always, if you're still experiencing problems (related to these issues or others) and need help from Yahoo!, the way to get help is to contact Customer Support:


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      FOR YMAIL/ROCKETMAIL USERS (and regular yahoo.com users)
      - Creating an alias simply requires clicking the "Add new profile" link from the Edit Membership page
      (the page can also be accessed directly by going to:
      - Click "Add Alias", enter your desired Alias in the box provided and click "Save" directly to the right. If the Alias you want is available, it will then appear automatically as an Alias. If the Alias is already in use, you'll receive a message that says "This alias is not available. Please try entering another."
      (Note: The Profiles Blog has some useful tutorials on this if you want
      visual instructions).

      FOR BROADBAND PARTNER USERS (AT&T/SBCGlobal, Rogers, Verizon, British
      Telecom, Telecom New Zealand)
      (though this may not work for all Telecom New Zealand users)
      - Go to http://manage.members.yahoo.com/FULLEMAILADDRESSHERE
      (replacing "FULLEMAILADDRESSHERE" with their full email address. So, for example, if the user's email address was jerry313@..., they would enter http://manage.members.yahoo.com/jerry313@...)
      - Click on the "View My Profiles" link in the navigation at the top of
      the page
      - Click the "Create New Public Profile" button
      - Once finished, click the "Finished Editing" button
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