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  • y_groups_team
    Sep 3, 2008
      If you are receiving an error message that states your pending
      messages are temporarily unavailable it may be caused by the size of
      an attachment to the messages which are showing as unavailable. As
      you may know, we recently increased the size of messages that can be
      emailed from 1MB to 15MB:

      We have discovered a bug in the moderation system that causes
      messages that are bigger than 5MB to be unavailable when you try to
      view, approve, edit, or reject them.

      For the moment, all you can do is delete these messages and then ask
      the user to repost them after first taking the user off moderation
      (even if it's only long enough to send this one message) or by
      asking them to repost the message as one or more messages with no
      attachments bigger than 5MB in any given message.

      We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we most likely
      won't have a fix for this bug for some time (until we complete the
      refactoring of the moderation pages).

      Thank you,
      Yahoo! Groups Team