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78Try out the new People Map Beta

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  • Jami
    Jul 8, 2008
      While the majority of the Yahoo! Groups team is working on
      strengthening and improving the core Groups product (more on that to
      come soon), a small team of folks have been working on a new way to
      create features within Groups, features that can be customized by
      moderators to fit the specific needs of their groups.

      We've been calling the work this team has been doing "Groups Labs",
      and we are excited today to announce the first new feature
      (or "grouplet") built using the Groups Labs framework: the People

      What is People Map?
      Read more on the Groups blog:

      We look forward to hearing what you think.

      Groups Community Manager

      P.S. You can try out the People Map (from a member perspective) here
      in the Moderator Central group, just click on the link below:
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