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49Moderator Tip: Finding and Appointing a Co-Owner

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  • jheldt@yahoo-inc.com
    Jan 17, 2008
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      You’ve worked hard to build a great group; you want to protect that investment, right? One way to ensure that your group and its members are protected is to assign a co-owner, or two.

      Appointing a co-owner is not something you should take lightly, since an owner has access to member information, can change group settings, and can even delete a group. You may decide that just appointing moderators to help with administrative tasks is a better choice for your group. But in cases where you have the trust and fellowship of a moderator or a strong group member, opting to appoint the person co-owner of your group is a natural progression in the person’s relationship to the group. And should a situation arise where you can’t or don’t want to be responsible for your group anymore, the co-owner can easily assume full ownership of it.

      To make another member the group co-owner:

      1. Go to the Members area of your group
      2. Click the Edit Membership link next to the member you want to promote.
      3. Click the Change to Owner link.
      4. Confirm your change by clicking the Make Owner button.

      Do you co-own or co-moderate your group? Or have you decided not to share ownership responsibilities? Share with us by commenting below.

      Jami Heldt
      Groups Community Manager