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46Re: Yahoo! Groups – A look back on 2007

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  • y_groups_team@yahoo.com
    Dec 27 4:39 PM
      I am very sorry for the second email on this topic. It has come to my attention that the link I provided below isn't linking to the Groups blog, below is the complete post, feel free to visit the blog if you'd like to post a comment: http://www.ygroupsblog.com/blog/2007/12/28/yahoo-groups-%e2%80%93-a-look-back-on-2007/

      With only four days left in 2007 I wanted to take the opportunity thank all of you for your hard work, dedication, and help to make 2007 another great year for Yahoo! Groups!

      2007 marked a major shift for Yahoo! Groups; we embraced the colossal potential that lies within all of the wonderful communities you have built. The priority of Groups has significantly increased within the company and we have turned our focus to reinforcing the infrastructure (or backend) that the Groups product is built on. We’ve also spent a lot of time developing enhancements and new functionality that we’ve heard many of you ask for. Below are some of the significant highlights from 2007:

      - The Groups team has grown considerably (almost doubled) in the last few months which equates to significantly more resource
      - We made major changes to our backend systems to make sure Groups mail gets through more quickly and reliably.
      - We introduced the Groups Beta which offers enhanced customization and moderation functionality (which we’ll continue working on in 2008).
      - We introduced several new tools and enhancements to support the growing Groups community, including:
      - Launching the new & improved Moderator Central Group which keeps new & experienced moderators looped in on the latest Yahoo! Groups news & provides an environment for moderators to connect with one another to ask questions, share advice, & find resources.
      - Revamped the Groups Blog offering readers greater ease to post comments (eliminating the need to sign in with a Yahoo! ID), greater ease to subscribe to an RSS feed (to be automatically notified of new posts), a more clean & organized layout, and enhanced search capabilities.

      - We also added a link to the blog on every Groups page (in the upper right hand corner) to make it more accessible to members & moderators.
      - We introduced the first Groups Podcast (which we plan to continue in 2008)
      - We launched the first ever Groups Moderator Town Hall events which provides moderators with an opportunity to meet & engage with the Groups team as well as one other (stay tuned for events planned in 2008).
      - We’ve introduced The Best of pages to highlight some of the finest Y! Groups as well as create a great starting point for people who are searching for groups on specific topics or those looking to discover new groups.
      - As of November 1st, Yahoo! Groups has over 109 million members across 8.8 million groups!
      - The largest Yahoo! Group, FlyLadyMentors, exceeded 450,000 members (way to go FlyLady)!

      I am extremely excited for all of the great things we have planned in 2008 and I can’t wait to share what we have in store for you!

      Thanks once again for helping to make 2007 a spectacular year. We hope you’ll continue to share your suggestions and constructive comments via the Customer Care web form or here on the team blog so we can celebrate even more accomplishments in 2008!

      Best wishes in the New Year,
      Jami Heldt
      Community Manager
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