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25Up-coming changes to YG-Alerts

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  • y_groups_team
    Sep 27, 2007
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      In the coming week we will be making some changes to yg-alerts. Not
      only will you be able to get email notifications with useful Yahoo!
      Groups information and news, but you'll also find valuable groups

      We are planning to transform YG-Alerts into the *new and improved*
      Moderator Central. What this means is that we are going to recreate
      what you know as Moderator Central on the Groups platform. You will
      find all the same resources currently found on Moderator Central
      (http://moderators.groups.yahoo.com/)such as the message boards, the
      new moderator tours, the Groups team blog, as well as all other
      channels that currently exist to exchange ideas and help each other.

      This change will make it easier for us to update and refresh content
      on a regular basis in attempt to delivery more relevant information
      to all of you. It will also provide us with a channel to communicate
      directly with Groups Moderators through the email notifications sent
      out from this group.

      If you only want to receive alerts for issues affecting users and
      site downtime you can edit your membership preferences to message
      delivery of special notices only.

      I'll send additional details out shortly.

      Jami Heldt
      Community Manager