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158Stopping Spoofing

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  • moderatorcentral-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 6, 2010
      Apologies to everyone for the spam post that slipped through yesterday, but it is a good reminder of the dangers of email spoofing.

      If you are worried about spoofing in your own groups, you can prevent it by choosing to moderate messages from all members (including yourself and other moderators!). Moderating all members is a two step process:

      1. Set the group to moderate messages by default:

      - Click "Management" in the left nav bar
      - Click Messages under "Group Settings"
      - Click "Edit" next to "Postings & Archives".
      - In the "Moderation" section, choose "Moderated and click the "Save Changes" button

      2. Make sure no members of the group are set to unmoderated (if they are, this individual setting will override the group default setting). The easiest way to check to see if any members are unmoderated is to:
      - Click Members in the left nav bar
      - Click the "Export" link in the upper right of the page
      - Scroll through the Export page that is generated to see if anyone is set to "Unmoderated" (the other options are "Moderated", "Normal", and "Can't Post).

      If any members are set to "Unmoderated", you will then need to manually change their posting settings. You can do so by:
      - Going back to the Members Page
      - Find the member whose setting needs to be changed.
      - Click on the "Edit Membership" link (or pencil icon) next to their name.
      - Near the bottom of the page, click the "Edit" link next to the "Posting Messages" setting.
      - Select any of the settings other than unmoderated and click the "Save Changes" button.

      Meanwhile, I also wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Layla the new Groups Community Manager and thrilled to be here. I will be communicating with you on a regular basis through this group, as well as on the Yahoo! Groups Blog:

      - Layla

      P.S. As an fyi, Moderator Central is actually set to moderate all messages by default (and has been all along). Unfortunately, a mistake was made when we recently approved a new moderator account (it was erroneously set to “unmoderated”). It was this mistake which allowed the spoofed message to go through yesterday. But the problem has been corrected and won’t happen again. Meanwhile, we have deleted the spam post (and the spam group it was promoting).