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150Groups Updates: CAPTCHA, Posting from the Owner Address, Email Moderation

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  • Yahoo! Groups Team
    Nov 20, 2009
      Starting today, you'll notice a few more changes to Yahoo! Groups. This includes: changes to CAPTCHA, the ability to post from the owner address, and a fix for the problem preventing some users from being able to moderate groups via email. More details can be found below.


      We know that transcribing and translating the CAPTCHA codes can be difficult. As of today, we're updating to a new CAPTCHA implementation, which includes the ability to refresh codes you can't decipher (versus being forced to try and fail), and the option of using an audio CAPTCHA for those who are visually impaired. Not sure what CAPTCHA is? Find out more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha

      Posting from the Owner Address

      One of the most common requests we get from Moderators is the ability to post messages from the owner address (as opposed to the moderator's personal address). This feature will now allow moderators to mail to group members using the GROUPNAME-owner@yahoogroups.com address, giving moderators and owners the option to post in a way that clearly delineates them as moderators. Group owners and moderators already have the option of rejecting messages from the owner address, a feature we pushed a few weeks ago.
      Moderation by Email

      Also in this release is a fix for group moderators who were having issues approving pending messages via email. Moderators affected by this issue were using email clients that (in violation of internet standards) do not honor case in reply to addresses, meaning that they would turn upper case letters into lowercase. Since the codes that enable email moderation to work relied on the reply address being the exact sequence of characters we were expecting, email moderation commands did not work for these users. But we have now updated our code in a way that will enable email moderation to work for even these email clients, which should allow moderators to approve pending messages and members via email once again.

      As we continue to push out new fixes and releases, we'll keep you posted!

      Melissa Daniels
      Yahoo! Community Manager