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130Call for Moderators: “MVP: Moderator Value Program”

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  • y_groups_team
    Apr 3, 2009
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      We know that being a moderator takes a lot of work. Being a good moderator takes even more work. And being a GREAT moderator? That takes dedication, patience, and an unmatched level of compassion for your group and your group members.

      We also know that you all are the heart and soul of Yahoo! Groups and know the ins-and-outs of running and creating an amazing and thriving group. While your group may have the opportunity to know and appreciate you, we'd love to have the opportunity to promote your group, your abilities as a moderator, and, share a few of your own moderation tips and tricks with other group members and moderators.

      Featured Moderators (and groups) will be showcased on the Yahoo! Groups Blog, and, on Moderator Central in the new "MVP: Moderator Value Program." Select Moderators (and groups) could also be selected for future Yahoo! Groups news stories, articles and ad campaigns.

      To nominate a fellow Moderator, or, to nominate yourself, just follow this link: http://surveylink.yahoo.com/wix/p6291825.aspx

      You'll be taken to a survey site where you'll be asked to answer a few questions about the Moderator you're nominating (either yourself or someone else).

      Just a heads up, if your Moderator is selected for the "MVP" program, we'll be using some of YOUR answers on the nomination form on the groups blog and in Moderator Central, so be clear and thorough when answering the questions, and only share what you'd want shared with the world!

      We can't wait to read your submissions and start showcasing your knowledge (and groups!) to help other budding groups and moderators flourish.

      Melissa Daniels
      Yahoo! Community Manager

      Please note: Due to the number of nominations received, not all moderators will be selected for this program. Prior to being featured on the blog or in Moderator Central an email will be sent to the nominated Moderator asking for permission, out of respect for their privacy.