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127Even Groups gets the hiccups

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  • y_groups_team
    Mar 19, 2009
      Over the past three weeks we know that some of you have experienced a few hiccups while using Yahoo! Groups. For this, we're sorry– we're in the process of moving to new data centers, a move which should enable us to deliver faster page loads, a more stable system, and an all-around better user experience.

      Currently, about 75% of Yahoo! Groups have been moved over to the new data centers and the remaining 25% of groups will be moved over in phases between now and March 31st.

      As is the case with any move, however, issues sometimes arise, which in this case have resulted in temporary delays or bugs. As a result of this, some of you may be experiencing a temporary issue accessing your files and we're working to resolve that now. We're sorry about any inconvenience caused by these problems; and we appreciate your patience, as we work through these issues in an effort to improve your experience on Yahoo! Groups.

      Melissa Daniels
      Yahoo! Community Manager