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117Groups Update: Message Search, Moderator Logs, Bounce Management

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  • y_groups_team
    Feb 20, 2009
      I wanted to keep you all up to date on a few issues that might be impacting your
      experience on Yahoo! Groups.

      Message Search: Some of you may be experiencing issues with the message search feature
      within your group. This bug may present itself by either returning no search results or only
      partial search results when using the message archive search feature. In the past we have
      been able to solve this problem on a group-by-group basis by manually re-indexing
      affected groups when we become aware of the issue. The bad news is that this fix isn't
      currently working. The good news is, is that we're working on a permanent solution that
      will prevent the issue from happening in the future. We know that this issue can be
      frustrating for those of you looking for particular messages, but we assure you that the
      team is working hard to restore this feature for the affected groups.

      Moderator Logs: Some of you may have noticed a lapse in your moderator log records.
      Our team has resolved the issue, and all of the logs should be up to date (but you might
      notice a few of the logs are now out of order or are displaying the wrong date or time).

      Bounce Management: As many of you have noticed, the bounce status on the member
      page is no longer working correctly. This is manifesting itself in three ways: bounce
      history numbers are showing as "0" instead of the correct amount; the "Send Reactivation
      Request" button is not actually sending reactivation requests; and members are being
      listed on the bounce page even when they are no longer bouncing. We understand what is
      causing this problem and are working on a fix, and will update you as soon as the problem
      has been resolved. In the interim, if you or a member of your group is in bounce status
      they can "unbounce" yourself by going here :
      http://groups.yahoo.com/member/preferences/email/view and clicking on the
      "unbounce" link under the bouncing email address.

      If you are experiencing an issue with Groups that is not listed above please be sure to
      contact Customer Care . Please note that anytime you report an issue to Customer Care,
      you are creating a "ticket" for our teams and is the first step in resolving the issue.

      Thanks for your patience as we work together to make Yahoo! Groups better!

      Melissa Daniels

      Yahoo! Community Manager
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