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106Duplicate Message Bug

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  • gordon_groups_pm
    Nov 27, 2008
      We are aware of the duplicate message bug that is affecting some
      groups and are investigating the problem.

      If your group is experiencing this issue, please contact Customer Care
      and supply the following information:

      - Whether the messages are appearing multiple times in the archive or
      only in email.
      - Whether you are the only person experiencing the issue or whether
      most people in the group are getting the duplicates
      - Whether it is happening to all messages sent to the group or just
      specific ones (either way, provide the message numbers in the archive
      of the duplicating messages).
      - Provide the full headers of 2 (or more) copies of the duplicate

      The headers, in particular, are vital for us to be able to effectively
      troubleshoot. This site
      provides useful information on how to get headers for many different
      email clients.

      And here is the URL for contacting Customer Care:

      Thank you for your help in troubleshooting this bug and our apologies
      for the duplicates to all affected groups.