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101Profiles update for Moderators

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  • yprofileblog
    Oct 31 1:43 PM
      Hi all,

      My name is Melissa and I'm the Community Manager for the profiles team
      and work with Jami, the Groups Community Manager.

      We heard from Jami that many of you have expressed a desire to check
      the complete profile of a user prior to allowing them to join your
      group. With the recent changes to profiles, many of you have been
      unable to do this.

      We value all of you as Moderators. For the time being, you may verify
      a user's profile and account information by going to:

      Please replace "YAHOOUSERID" with the ID you wish to research. This
      will pull up a profile page similar to the old profiles format.

      This format/page will NOT be available for long and is a temporary
      solution for many of you who need to review full profile information
      to appropriately manage your groups, while

      Please note that any changes you make to your own profile while logged
      into this screen will not show up in your new profile.

      At this time, the only way to reliably manage and edit your own
      profile is to go through http://profiles.yahoo.com

      Thanks again for all of your feedback and patience, and please be sure
      to check the profiles news blog for the most recent updates and posts
      on the new profiles system. http://www.yprofileblog.com

      If you have additional issues concerning profiles and how it relates
      to the management of your group, please feel free to email me directly
      at yprofileblog [at] yahoo [dot] com .

      Melissa Daniels
      Yahoo! Community Manager