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flying-fox harrassment; we need help

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    Subject: [Fwd: Fw: flying-fox harrassment; we need help] Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 10:27:47 -0800 From: Lisa C Organization:
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      [Fwd: Fw: flying-fox harrassment; we need help]
      Sun, 05 Mar 2006 10:27:47 -0800
      Lisa C <wildview@...>
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      Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Inc wrote:

      URGENT ACTION ALERT; to all WPAA email lists. A colony of flying
      foxes is under attack by nearby residents at Redlands
      Bay in Queensland. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service appear to
      be taking no action against those offending. Local wildlife
      groups are asking that as many people as possible email or write to
      the Minister and ask her to take action.A letter that has been
      sent is pasted below, with more details. The Minister's contact
      details are below that again. If you have the time please send an
      email to the Minister, flying foxes need all the help they can get!
      Cheers, Pat OBrien ******************** Dear Minister It has
      come to our attention that a colony of Flying Foxes residing in the
      Redland Bay/Pitt St area are suffering illegal harassment. Little
      to no action has been taken by Queensland Parks and Wildlife
      officers to prevent this continuous cruelty and harassment, As this
      problem has been widely reported in the.media, we believe that
      department officers have no excuse for not knowing or not doing
      their job under the Act by protecting this colony. We would like
      to point out to you that it is a violation of the Nature
      Conservation Regulation 234(1) as these animals are at present
      giving birth and in the late stages of incubation of their progeny.

      Section 234.(1) Interference with nests etc.
      A person must not damage, destroy, mark, move, dig up or
      otherwise interfere with a nest, bower, burrow, cave,
      hollow or other structure used by a protected animal to incubate or
      rear the animal's progeny

      To allow this harassment to continue is animal cruelty, it is
      illegal and it is the departments responsible, under your leadership,
      to enforce the laws. It has also been reported that the
      perpetrators harassing this colony have been threatening bystanders
      wanting to watch the animals flying out to forage at night. This
      must be against the law and people who have been intimidated are
      being urged to report to the police.

      These fly outs are significant and a world class wildlife spectacles
      and people wishing to view it should be encouraged, not abused
      . The species of animals under threat in this colony are mainly
      Little Red Flying Foxes with a small number of Grey Headed and
      Black Flying Foxes intermingled through the colony. Grey Headed
      Flying Foxes are protected under the Federal Government
      legislation as a species vulnerable to extinction.

      The Department should have intervened when these animals were
      being harassed during the day which violates the conditions
      of treatment for nocturnal animals. Local children are being
      encouraged to throw stones at the flying-fox, encouraged by the adult
      disregard for animal welfare. People who are concerned about the
      welfare of these Flying fox have been intimidated and verbally
      abusive by a few aggressive residents who continue their harassment
      of the colony unheeded and unchecked by the department.

      We believe It is your responsibility to ensure that the department
      up hold the Code of Conduct and intervene when violations of
      section 88 (1) of the Nature Conservation Act 1992 take place.

      Restriction on taking of protected animals

      88.(1) Subject to section 93, a person must not take, use or
      keep a protected animal, other than under—

      a.a conservation plan applicable to the animal; or
      b.a license, permit or other authority issued or given under a
      c.an exemption under a regulation.
      d.Maximum penalty—3 000 penalty units or imprisonment for 2 years.
      e.(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to the taking of protected
      animals in a protected area.
      f.(3) It is a defence to a charge of taking a protected animal
      in contravention of subsection (1) to prove
      g.the taking happened in the course of a lawful activity that
      was not directed towards the taking; and
      h.the taking could not have been reasonably avoided.

      (4) Subsection (3) does not allow a person to use or keep
      the animal.

      (see definition of Take - in the Conservation Act 1992)

      Hitting these animals with a stone can result in the animal
      sustaining horrific injuries that prevent from flying, if it can not
      fly it
      can not forage for food which results in the mother dying in agony
      and her baby starving to death. In the past it has been the
      policy of Queensland Parks and Wildlife to implement education
      programs for the community and enforce adherence to the Act
      and regulations of the department.

      There has been no evidence of Qld. Parks and Wildlife endeavoring
      to engage or educate the community since you have held this
      portfolio and it would seem that the department is taking a blasé
      attitude toward the protection of all species of flying foxes within
      the state of Queensland. Harassment and cruelty to these protected
      animals has been sanctioned in places such as Charters
      Towers, Mareeba, Boyne Island, Esk, Mt Isa, Marlborough, Moranbah,
      Emerald, Black Water and many other places.

      The Queensland Government is making no effort to protect areas where
      flying-foxes have historically existed, while other states,
      obviously more aware, are endeavoring to regenerate areas known to
      have be frequented by flying-fox in an effort to prevent the
      demise of this critically important, keystone species. We ask that
      you as Minister for the Environment and as a matter of urgency,
      look into the situation and ensure that the animals in the Redland
      Bay area are protected from harassment and cruelty as
      specified under the Act. **

      To the Hon Desley Boyle,

      PO Box 15031
      City East QLD 4002 Ph 3227 8819 Fax 3221 9964

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