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ISO body filler parts,

ISO 2 sets of '32 Ford High-Boy Body filler pieces (#84 and #85 or 3 Window Coupe, #21 and #217) for Revell '32 Ford Highboy. TYIA Scotty New Jersey ISO 2
Scott J Pender
Jan 30
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Wire wheels needed

Sorry if my last message about the wire wheels was confusing to anyone. If you look at the attachments of the Roth Outlaw kits, the Galloping Ghost II kit and
Dec 2, 2015
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    Tony Nancy wire spoke wheels.jpg
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Eldon Sand Dragon

I got mine out the other day and discovered that I don't have the correct bicycle front tires and wheels. Does anybody have a pair from an Ed Roth kit? I think
Nov 29, 2015

Taillights needed

Does anyone have a pair of taillight lenses for the Lindberg Super Snap 96/97 CHRYSLER SEBRING CONVERTIBLE? DON
Nov 23, 2015

Re: It is Unfortunate...

A lot of people have moved to facebook groups for model cars. These yahoo groups are somewhat of a pain, there's no doubt, but they always go lethargic in the
Don Loomis
Nov 19, 2015

It is Unfortunate...

In seeing the lack of activity here in a group that is so needed, it is unfortunate. BUT I get it. The limited functionality of the groups platform hinders
Nov 19, 2015

Re: Can anyone tell me

Are you going to cast the complete wheel [easy] or just the caps [difficult] ? Greg
Aug 23, 2015

Hubley kits

Anyone interested. Or know what these are worth. The Dusenberg is open , sealed inside. The rest are sealed.
J. Raat
Aug 13, 2015
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Re: I feel I need to apologize to all [2 Attachments]

there is no way he could be in any service with all to tattoos ,the would let my grandson in the Marines just because he had tats on his arm,but they did let
Aug 6, 2015

I feel I need to apologize to all

The armed services veterans in the groups I belong to.. My son who just turned 30 is claiming to be a army veteran, according to army personnel records, via
J. Raat
Aug 6, 2015
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May be leaving,

 It's been great and I've learned a lo,t not to mention the many friends I've made here. I think the time to leave Yahoo has finally arrived. I've enjoyed
Scott J Pender
Mar 24, 2015

better pictures of the kits I lost interest in

 the charger funny car and the willy's truck are spoken for at this point. there is 2 cars in the fire ball 500 box, no trailers and the wheels and tires are
J. Raat
Jan 15, 2015
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Re: Just joined the group.........

Welcome to the group, David!Check out my model car parts website, I may have some custom parts you're looking for...Davewww.newtsboneyard.com
rainmaker 68106
Dec 25, 2014

Re: Just joined the group.........

Hi David, Welcome! Sorry, not much activity here but go ahead and post your requests for parts. Don't hesitate to post pics of your builds too if you like. Or
Don Loomis
Dec 23, 2014

Just joined the group.........

Hi everyone.  My name is David Wahl and I live in Western New York.  I enjoy building in 1/24-25 and enjoy Street Rods, Street Machines and Customs of both
david wahl
Dec 22, 2014
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