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Rolex 2015 XC course

https://youtu.be/ltHUxmaoE5c Video walk through with trainer and course designer It's this weekend -- Gail Berg "Don't tell me the sky's the limit / There's
Apr 24

2015 crop of Western Cinches ready to go!

The first 14 new Western String Cinches are posted and ready for sale. Check them out: http://unicornwoman.com/uw_production.htm#WESTERN%20TACK -- Melody D.
Mar 23

Tackmaking Hardware & Findings from The World of Model Horse Collect

The World of Model Horse Collecting has posted some NEW and RESTOCKED model horse hardware and assorted tackmaking findings to our eBay Store! After clicking
Feb 25

Offers: Desert Night Creations/Heather M-A western bridle/breast col

Posted for offers a western romal and breastcollar set made by the one and only Heather Moreton-Abounder of Desert Night Creations Miniatures​ ! Thank you
The Un Stable
Feb 3

Re: Rio Rondo Western Kit/getting glue off saddle

Lol, I'll let you all know how it turns out. And I do have extra glue on other places too. It is my 2nd saddle, but I'm very pleased with it minus the glue.
Rachel Evans
Sep 30, 2014

Re: Rio Rondo Western Kit/getting glue off saddle

On 9/30/2014 7:54 AM, Rachel Evans rachel.evans@... ... It soaked through from the back? That's something different entirely. I thought you'd just gotten
Melody D. Snow
Sep 30, 2014

Re: Rio Rondo Western Kit/getting glue off saddle

Ok, I am using the glue 'Duco Cement' which Rio Rondo recommends and I do like it. I think I will try the nail polish as they recommend but I will be
Rachel Evans
Sep 30, 2014

Re: Rio Rondo Western Kit/getting glue off saddle

... Nail polish remover works on certain glues and under certain circumstances. I generally use 5-2-7 glue and it takes it off pretty well, BUT will also
Melody D. Snow
Sep 29, 2014

Re: Rio Rondo Western Kit/getting glue off saddle

I have scraped it lightly with an exacto knife or used very fine sand paper, then lightly wet it. No idea what anyone else does Vicky Norris PCF Custom Tack
Vicky Norris
Sep 29, 2014

Rio Rondo Western Kit/getting glue off saddle

So I've made my 1st 2 Western Saddles from the Rio Rondo kit, and I can see dried glue on and around the suede part of the seat of the saddle. So according to
Sep 29, 2014

Traditional tack clearance on MH$P continues

getting down to the GOOD stuff...these are sets I've held on to, time to offer them as well. i'm opening these to offers {some do need minor repair} Please
Sep 12, 2014

A rare opportunity! NAN qualified OOAK circus tack set and a Stone D

A rare opportunity! NAN qualified OOAK circus tack set and a Stone DAH leopard Appaloosa Palouse. http://www.modelhorsesalespages.com/view.asp?id=1109789
Sep 11, 2014

Pebbles English Saddles Now Orderable from Me :-)

See the attached link to view examples of the saddle that I am now making in limited quantities in the pebbles/little bits scale. Contact me if interested! I
Sep 8, 2014

MEPSA Prop contest!

The deadline for the prop contest has come, and as far as I've heard, we have two entries. They're nice entries, but of course, we were hoping for more. I was
Laurel Dedes
Sep 5, 2014

MEPSA PROP Contest- WIN a great prize!

MH$P ad WITH prize photos! http://www.modelhorsesalespages.com/view.asp?id=1099945 MEPSA PROP MAKING CONTEST AUGUST 31st 2014 NEXT TO THE LAST MEPSA CONTEST
Laurel Dedes
Aug 14, 2014
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