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10 Commandments Update!

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  • Willie Martin
    Subject: 10 Commandments Update! Good read! Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 19:57:49 -0400 From: Daniel Johns To: Daniel Johns
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2003
      10 Commandments Update! Good read!
      Mon, 1 Sep 2003 19:57:49 -0400
      "Daniel Johns" <minuteman53@...>
      "Daniel Johns" <Minuteman53@...>

      Those media vans which surrounded the whole block of our Alabama Supreme Court building pointing satellite dishes and
      telescope antennas skyward for two weeks have disappeared. A lone TV station sends its cameraman now, his hand-held
      monitor informing locals that all possible exits for the Ten Commandments monument continue to be occupied even while a
      Montgomery headline declares: MONUMENT GONE... (It is not.)

      Since the controlled media arrived in lockstep, and disappeared on cue as quickly, it's important via the internet to
      spread the word that this revolution in Montgomery is still growing day by day. Here's my latest take from the
      battlefront. And, since I'm a conspiracy nut, I'll offer a few possible motives for why those who own the media regiments
      have withdrawn them. It's open to interpretation, of course, for any relaxing of society’s painfully lobotomized brain,
      or separation of religion from politics, has to be like awakening from a bad dream. But first, let’s get those giddy
      heads out of the sand, folks. This is it. Think! Consider the terrible possibility that such formerly complete coverage
      of the Ten Commandments standoff was meant to have played out as a “last stand” for religion and states rights when the
      crowds diminished, the feds then removing our stone and the media going into ecstasies. Which didn’t happen; so that now,
      on the eve of 9-11 and Governor Riley’s tax referendum, it’s suddenly down the memory hole. WE CAN’T LET THIS NEWS BE

      People have flocked to Montgomery from all over the U.S., England and elsewhere, yesterday's crowd of 3,000 completely
      filling up two acres of stepped levels before the courthouse, as initial resistance to a federal bench’s attempt at
      censoring any mention of God continues. And, while all this has for the most part been mounted and controlled by two born
      Jews, naturally Christians and other states righters furnish the bulk of troops occupying all possible exits for the
      attempted evacuation of OUR monument from the premises. It behooves us here in Alabama to thank those initial organizers,
      and then GET DOWN TO THE MONTGOMERY COURTHOUSE. Let's have more of OUR leaders sounding off!

      The peecees meant this Battle of Montgomery to be news when convenient for their agenda, taking further notice of it only
      after condemning the gathering as "Roy Moore's circus." But the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, those pocket
      judges and other holdings of our would-be world rulers actually want this confrontation, which can be spun their way. For
      instance, said organizers may inadvertently play into the media’s and turncoat Governor Bob Riley's hands this Thursday
      when occupying Dexter Avenue before the courthouse, then marching several thousand petitioners up Goat Hill where Riley
      might polish his tarnished image by accepting their Ten Commandments replica just days before his tax hike referendum
      makes its pitch for public approval. Where was he when we needed him? Can you imagine anything more convenient for a
      "leader" having conveniently skipped town August 20 after being notified that 77% of all Alabamians wanted him down at
      the courthouse stopping those feds from removing their monument: i.e., unconstitutionally enforcing a law respecting an
      establishment of religion, which controversial ruling dictates that no state court in this Christian nation may mention

      On Saturday, August 30, 2003 at 1:00 PM we Alabamians gathered before the Alabama Supreme Court as intended and
      proclaimed the temporarily empty space beyond those two locked glass walls THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ROTUNDA, henceforth on
      each last Saturday of August to be so called and venerated. The building manager assured us no harm had befallen our
      beleaguered stone, itself still resting in an adjacent room on two 4x4 skids. An apparatus for easily moving the monolith
      back into its proper space remains inside the building also.

      But, the whole point of our operation being to outwit that media horde and keep our acknowledgment of God's law intact
      even if they commit the unthinkable blasphemy of jack-hammering this stone to pieces, we noted that ours is just one of a
      great many repositories for such wisdom of the ages which, like a tree planted by the waters, SHALL NOT BE MOVED. This
      monument is ours; the Ten Commandments Rotunda is not going anywhere. A federal judge having raised our hackles even
      while his sponsors continue dictating the constitutions of Somolia, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and
      elsewhere, those Washington, D.C. warriors who would never mess with a dangerous giant like Russia or China must learn
      also to respect Alabama. On their way to world government, they've bombed here one bridge too far.

      As for that dastardly attempt to end-run around our Bill of Rights, the transparency of such illegitimate action (we note
      alongside Chief Justice

      Moore) may be compared with a marijuana bust in which the police, on a tip, enter someone's living room to make a lawful
      seizure and arrest, only desisting when told the stuff has been put out of sight in a closet. If you've got LEGITIMATE
      authority to remove that monument, Myron, COME AND TAKE IT. Otherwise, you egalitarian feds aren't being uniform! Why
      attack only the defenseless, never coming with force against THESE peacefully assembled people in Montgomery?

      Without interference, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ROTUNDA was dedicated and consecrated by Father Daniel Spark of Tuscaloosa in
      a solemn ceremony on Saturday afternoon. Upon his recitation of the commandments, one at a time, by each pause the
      congregation responding according to liturgical tradition, this day in Montgomery the artificial separation of church and
      state that had been invented by federal judges ended. A great many speakers followed Fr. Spark in order. Notable among
      other things recorded here was the fact that the court in which this same federal judge presides, the man whom we must
      thank for our present awakening to duty, displays a statue of the Greek Goddess Thetis; that the great vault of the
      Alabama Supreme Court (a.k.a. "judicial building" to the press) had itself been raised to signify respect for law, its
      height an architectural testimony and a most symbolic statement; that in this building presides our state's highest
      interpretation of the ultimate lawgiver's admonishment for sane living; that only the law as interpreted within this
      building declares explicit punishments for specific crimes, the higher commandments enumerated on that stone and
      respected for thousands of years by Muslims, Jews, Christians, and all true religions remaining merely didactic in
      nature, i.e., specifying no certain punishments but offering the soundest of counsels.

      What is it about these moral pronouncements that intimidates and makes the feds, along with other atheists,
      uncomfortable? Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy? That's no judge's order to attend church or be punished; the word
      simply means "day of rest," good advice for all except masochists who choose to punish THEMSELVES with overwork. Do not
      commit adultery? Go right ahead, the Ten Commandments won't stop anyone from joining that masochistic crew. Thou shalt
      not revere the media over God, bow before such images, take higher law in vain, dishonor your parents, steal, lie, cheat,
      make yourself insatiate? Ditto.

      Additional portolets have been set up, more showers are available within a short walk from the courthouse for those who
      bring their sleeping bags in order to occupy the site around the clock, and various churches and residences continue
      offering such comforts as vigilantes not staying at campgrounds and hotels may require. The City of Montgomery isn't
      interfering, and, sensibly, allows that we are law-abiding citizens there for nothing beyond correcting the misjudgments
      of our public servants, even if a few plants among us do commit very minor infractions.

      Naturally those few moles are among our number. When I rolled out of my sleeping bag Sunday morning and walked four
      blocks to one of the two fast food spots for breakfast, returning via the showers, sitting there among other early risers
      on the portico steps we soon heard a lay preacher affecting a casual style and confessing several times his awkwardness
      at public speaking. Opening a songbook and wishing us to join him in “the Battle Hymn of the Republic: His Truth is
      Marching On," a few of us objected. Noting that somehow the same number had been slipped in the previous day, we wanted
      to know what was going on, did he not realize that those wrathful invaders had trampled out too much of our Southern
      blood already while singing that paean? Well, he was tremendously sorry; hadn't known about that. It became obvious the
      man was a professional "facilitator" when he called up some kind of sorceress assistant who, chanting and waving her arms
      wildly, placed a curse upon those who interrupted her by singing "Dixie." I'm not making this up. A few genuine patriots
      then resolved that, on the following mornings, THEY would be the first “facilitators” on their feet. And that’s what we
      need: OUR people at the front. I saw only one Bonnie Blue flag there this past weekend, borne by a Texan; no battle
      glags, the BF contingent from Mobile having been unable to get themselves organized and to the job; but, from Baldwin
      County over across the bay, we came in force. To those who wonder if they might act independently of “those in charge” of
      this peaceful assembly, I say read the First and Tenth Amendments, then get yourself to Montgomery!

      But if not up to the challenge, don’t bother. We do appreciate all well-intentioned organizers, be they from Washington,
      New Jersey or Texas; and, how about those many patriots arriving daily from across the land? Allowing that the kooks are
      too few to hurt us, we call on Alabamians to show up in ever-increasing numbers. Word goes out also from John Giles,
      harried president of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, who is extremely busy right now opposing the Governor's immoral
      tax referendum set for September 9 even while the NATIONAL head of his Christian Coalition tours the state advocating FOR
      higher taxes, and he is asking that more LOCALS get down to the courthouse. As a result of that appeal, they did come!
      What a showing of support for Roy Moore and the Ten Commandments yesterday! Sure, some of it was more NOISE than real
      Gospel music, not every media reference to a circus-like atmosphere being that far off target. Still, this is where the
      battle lines are drawn. 99% of the people you'll meet here share your convictions about saving what's left of everything
      that’s decent. Sit at home and complain about what the spin doctors do with this, or get on down to Montgomery and help
      guide the State of Alabama in a sensible direction. At least forward this to a few friends, because the old order
      regarding what ’s fit to print is broke. The time is now.

      Olaf Childress, Editor


      “Self-government begins at home”

      www.gulftel.com/homefree And now...


      “While agreeing with me that the Constitution is supreme, and that the opinion of Judge Thompson was contrary to the
      Constitution, the attorney general has argued that he must follow an order he himself believes to be in direct violation
      of the supreme law of the land.” – Chief Justice Roy Moore

      By Olaf Childress

      I will not undertake here to sort between the believers and the deceivers; these know who they are. Many the tools,
      however few the ones who use them; but multitudinous are the ordinary people who trust false flaggers. This month’s award
      might have gone to Federal Judge Myron Thompson, except for his having previously received that prestidigitatious title.
      How about those eight associate justices who got pressured into deserting Roy Moore? Montgomery’s scalawag judges and
      legistraitors get too much exposure under the spotlight already. Our man does all his judging according to the agenda,
      and calls his shots the way those neo-cons in Washington like their magistrates. Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor has
      been considered for some time for a federal judgeship.

      His part in giving aid to the enemies of the people of Alabama was similar to that of Governor Bob Riley, neither of them
      daring to take a stand – Jura nostra defendere audemus? Ha! – before learning what was desired by their handlers. (Mr.
      Riley, too, has been cited in this column.)

      So, whatever had been staging for many months, not unlike the invasion of helpless Iraq, such clowns weren’t in on the
      strategic planning behind an awe-and-thunder raid of Alabama, rolling straight for Montgomery to topple this backward
      people’s Ten Commandments Monument, opening the Enlightenment’ s War on Religion.

      It may have been a setup from the start. If so, it now comes down to a question of whether or not those false-flaggers
      have taken their clandestine war a bridge too far, setting THEMSELVES up for exposure right on the anniversary of their
      greatest chutzpah by sending a few celebrity flag-wavers to Montgomery in the name of saving what they wanted demolished.

      How to destroy America’s trust in God, and make the world safe for demagoguery? When money is no object (for those who
      actually control), just bankroll a sufficient number of puppets into office and conceive a plan to draw the faithful into
      a decisive battle whose outcome demonstrates that the God of their Ten Commandments is dead; the New World Order cometh,
      like it or not.

      This involves dispatching crowd control experts to the otherwise spontaneous rally around Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore
      and the Ten Commandments Monument. When the timing is just right, the world may then be told that a last stand to defend
      God’s law has been defeated. While those gathered could temporarily block a FEDERAL judge’s decree, how could they defy
      their own ALABAMA courthouse? Well, this the people did, but it only made things lovelier for those armchair warriors who
      specialize in deception.

      Enjoy your federal judgeship, Mr. Pryor, IF you make it through all those ADDITIONAL hoops your lordships will be holding
      out in tandem.

      Mr. Pryor, the title SCALAWAG that I’m conferring on you has a long history. More talent is required for this job than to
      be a mere carpetbagger, as the scalawag must flimflam his own people. The name meant originally a runty farm animal, one
      unfit to keep once the South’s invaders finished raping and pillaging and the carpetbaggers decided to go home. You can
      imagine how haggard even the healthier stock looked at that time. So where does that leave you?
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