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fw: 3 weeks to the 2006 Midwest Socialist Conference!!

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    http://www.midwestsocialistconference.org/ http://www.socialistworker.org/ http://www.internationalsocialist.org/ ***2006 Midwest Socialist Conference ***Fight
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2006

      ***2006 Midwest Socialist Conference
      ***Fight the Right!
      ***Build the Socialist Alternative!

      ***Chicago, Illinois * November 4-5
      ***University of Illinois-Chicago
      ***Registration: Stevenson Hall

      ***MILLIONS HAVE protested for immigrant rights and against the ongoing U.S. war in the
      Middle East. But the Democrats—the "opposition" in Washington—seem unable to provide
      any opposition to the policies of Bush and the Republicans. There is a burning need to
      build a Left alternative. The 2006 Midwest Socialist Conference aims to be a place to
      discuss what we can do to fight the right, rebuild the Left, and win a new world.


      * Two days of discussion and debate on today's movements, and the questions facing
      radicals and the Left.

      * Special plenary with Ahmed Shawki, editor of the International Socialist Review* and
      board member of the National Council of Arab Americans on "Confronting U.S. Empire"
      and Martín Sanchez, Venezuela's consul general in Chicago on "The Struggle for Self-
      Determination in Venezuela." *organizations cited for identification only.

      * More than 25 workshops on: The Fight Against Oppression * Imperialism and War * A
      People's History * The Revolutionary Tradition * Revolution * Socialist Organization *
      Struggle and Politics Today

      * Haymarket Books fair with dozens of titles on everything from the struggle for immigrant
      rights and imperialism to the German Revolution.

      * Forums with Haymarket Books authors like Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of

      * Parties and more.


      SATURDAY, NOV. 4

      9-10am REGISTRATION

      10-11:30 WORKSHOPS

      * Capitalism, Slavery and the Origins of Racism
      * Insurgent Mexico: Zapata and the Mexican Revolution
      * Labor's Giant Step: Class War in the 1930s
      * The Meaning of Marxism
      * Where does gay oppression come from?

      12-1:30pm WORKSHOPS

      * The Chicano Power Movement
      * The Democrats: The World's Second Most Enthusiastic Capitalist Party
      * Torture to Police Brutality: What's Wrong with the "Justice" System
      * In Defense of Socialist Planning
      * Marxism vs. Anarchism

      2:30-4 WORKSHOPS

      * Building Strong Branches
      * Engels and the Origins of Women's Oppression
      * Never Again: Why We Confront the Far Right
      * Race, Class and the Rise of the Civil Rights Movement
      * Venezuela and the Struggle for 21st Century Socialism

      4:30-6 WORKSHOPS

      * Lenin on Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism
      * No to Racism: Fighting the Rise of Islamophobia
      * Profiting off Borders: From NAFTA to "Guest Worker" Programs
      * Rosa Luxemburg on Reform or Revolution?
      * Zionism: False Messiah


      SUNDAY, NOV. 5

      10:30-11am REGISTRATION

      11-1pm WORKSHOPS

      * Is Cuba a Model for Socialism?
      * Lenin on State and Revolution
      * Maoism: Another Road to Revolution?
      * When Workers Ran Society: The 1917 Russian Revolution

      1:30-3:30 WORKSHOPS

      * The Lost Revolution: Germany 1917-1923
      * Mistaken Identity: What's Wrong with Identity Politics?
      * Trotsky's Marxism
      * Why We Need a Revolutionary Party


      The conference will be held at the University of Illinois-Chicago, at 750 S. Halsted in
      Chicago. All workshops and registration will be in Stevenson Hall. The closest CTA train
      stop is the UIC-Halsted stop on the Blue Line.


      For more information e-mail mwsocialists@... or call 773-817-3266. Visit our
      website at: http://www.midwestsocialistconference.org

      Free child-care is available on request (please e-mail mwsocialists@... a week
      prior to the conference to reserve space). Spanish translation will be provided.


      $10 (donation) student/low income
      $15 (donation) regular rate
      $25 (donation) solidarity rate

      ***SPONSORED BY:

      The International Socialist Organization (ISO). The ISO publishes Socialist Worker and
      Obrero Socialista, available online at: http://www.socialistworker.org
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