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UPDATE: MN Dream Act press event tomorrow

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  • alison quito ziegler
    Please note: Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11 am, students from Faribault and Minneapolis will present Diplomas of Leadership to the bill s supporters in Senate
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2005
      Please note: Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11 am, students from Faribault and
      Minneapolis will present 'Diplomas of Leadership' to the bill's supporters
      in Senate and the House. This is a change from the formal press conference
      we had planned, which has been postponed. We will contact you again when
      the press conference has been rescheduled.

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mariano
      26 January 2005


      Access to Higher Education for All Students:
      Immigrant students DREAM for Minnesota

      Today, high school students and recent graduates will present �Diplomas of
      Leadership� to State Legislators who support a bill to remove barriers some
      immigrant students face in obtaining a college education. The presentation
      will take place in the State Office Building Press Room at 11:00 am.

      The in-state tuition bill, sometimes known as the Dream Act, would extend
      in-state tuition rates to long-term undocumented immigrant students who have
      grown up in Minnesota and excelled in our public school system. The bills
      are supported by legislators from both sides of the aisle, including
      Senators Sandy Pappas (DFL-St. Paul) and Bob Kierlan (R-Winona) and
      Representatives Ray Cox (R-Northfield) and Carlos Mariani (DFL-St. Paul).

      Angela, a high school senior from Bethlehem Academy in Faribault, said:
      �Ever since I came from Mexico at 13, school has been hard but I�ve
      struggled to succeed. As I prepare to graduate from high school, I find
      that I don�t qualify for in-state tuition rates. I can�t afford to go to
      college and I fear the struggle was all for nothing. I dream that the
      Governor will hear my story and make this law so that students like me don�t
      get left behind.� Angela will be meeting with her state legislators to make
      her case and ask them to pass this legislation.

      Rep. Carlos Mariani, an author of the bill, agreed. �Students like Angela
      are exactly the kind of people we want in Minnesota, contributing to our
      state�s success while building better lives for themselves. That�s the kind
      of work ethic we honor here in America. It helps no one to keep these
      smart, talented students from realizing their full potential. Now that the
      State Legislature has the chance to fix this problem, it should act without
      delay,� said Rep. Mariani.


      Press event: Wednesday, January 26, 2005, 11:00 am

      Location: Press Room, State Office Building, St. Paul, Minnesota

      Alison Quito Ziegler
      Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride
      tel: 612-379-4311
      email: aqziegler@...
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