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93Victory in the Ways and Means Committee!!

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  • alondra
    Apr 19, 2006
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      Mn Dream Act supporters,
      The Higher Education Omnibus bill, which included the Mn Dream Act, passed the Ways and Means Committee this afternoon with a 26-8 bipartisan vote!!
      The Mn Dream Act, as part of the Higher Education Omnibus bill, has now successfully passed the proper committees and is ready for a full floor vote in both the House and the Senate.  Legislators believe the Senate will vote on their Higher Education Omnibus bill on Thursday and the House will vote on theirs on Friday.
      Your continued support and advocacy on this issue is still very much needed; your voices have proven to fuel the engine of this movement!  In fact, during the Committee today Rep. Anderson-Kelliher acknowledged the Dream Act advocates present, asked them to stand, and applauded them.  There is still a chance that an amendment could be introduced on the House floor, and as we learned last year we’re not safe until the Governor signs the bill.
      TAKE ACTION:  Please call your Representative and make sure they will vote “yes” on the Higher Ed omnibus bill, which includes the Mn Dream Act.  If you have any connection to greater MN, please help spread the word.
      COME TO THE CAPITOL:  As of now, we expect the Dream Act to be voted on the House floor Friday morning.  Legislators urged us to pack the house with supporters.  If you are able to make it on Friday, make sure to call us at 612-310-2186 , because plans change frequently.  We’re in the process of setting up a hotline where you can phone in for the most current information.
      WHAT’S NEXT:
      Thursday: Floor vote in the Senate  (tentative)
      Friday: Floor vote in the House  (tentative)
      -Conference Committee (the bill’s language is the same in both bills, so this shouldn’t be a problem)
      -Floor votes in the Senate and House
      -Higher Ed Omnibus signed by the Governor
      ¡Si se puede!  Yes we can!

      Alondra K. Espejel

      Communications Organizer
      Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network
      2500 University Avenue, Suite C8
      St. Paul, MN 55114
      o: 651.287.0660



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