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86New amendments challenge immigration reform--send an immediate e-mail

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  • David Strand
    Apr 5, 2006
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      Dear Friend,

      I thought you might be interested in this United Farm Workers
      e-activism campaign.

      We need your immediate help. Late yesterday, Senator Chambliss
      (R-GA) submitted amendments which would render the AgJobs
      legislation unworkable. The Chambliss amendments would eliminate
      the opportunity of farm workers to earn permanent resident
      status, and instead would create an unworkable "report to
      deport" program. His proposal offers no prospect for stabilizing
      the work force with legal-resident workers.

      For those workers who might have had an interest in becoming
      blue-card guestworkers under his proposal, the
      obstacles--including heavy fines and unrealistic work
      requirements--would make the program inaccessible. His
      amendments also would eliminate important labor protections in
      the H-2A temporary foreign agricultural worker program,
      including slashing wage protections for US and foreign
      guestworkers. This amendment would turn back the clock to the
      pre-1966 days when migrant farm workers were excluded from the
      minimum wage protections. These amendments are very similar to
      the amendments Chambliss offered last April which lost by a vote
      of 77-21.

      Please make a difference to farm workers on this vital bill by
      immediately contacting your Senators to ask them to support the
      Senate Judiciary Committee's bipartisan compromise bill--which
      includes the AgJobs amendment, oppose the Chambliss amendments,
      and oppose any amendments not supported by AgJobs primary
      sponsors (Senators Craig, Kennedy and Feinstein).

      We need you to take immediate action on this vital issue. The
      vote could occur as early as 2:30 this afternoon.

      Go to:

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