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84Students Move Forward on Mn DREAM Act!

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  • alondra
    Mar 24, 2006
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      Compañeras y Compañeros en la lucha ~

      We thank each and everyone of you that helped to support, and participated in, the Student Day at the St. Paul Capitol on March 22nd – it was indeed a great success with over 400 youth participating from 20 schools across Minnesota, at least 90 legislative visits were made and more motivation and energy to move forward was gathered!

      One of the student groups, made up of Bethlehem Academy students from Faribault, met with     Speaker of the House
      Steve Sviggum (R) and presented such a powerful case about the issue of youth and access to higher education that Mr. Sviggum told the students he would re-consider his stance on the Mn DREAM Act precisely because of their stories and advocacy on the issue.  Way to go Faribault!

      Students’ report backs and evaluations indicate a burst of energy to work around in-state-tuition, the desire to continue to work with their community around this issue, and requests to meet directly with the Governor to pass the Mn DREAM Act.  Many student evaluations also pointed out that they were so excited to have experienced a day of unity, where they could practice speaking to important people on matters that affect immigrant youth. Students indicate a sense of empowerment from understanding more about the legislative process, experiencing their important role in it, and from being together with hundreds of people across the sate to support and advocate for the Mn DREAM Act.

      All in all, this day allowed youth to come together and galvanize their collective power – youth all over the state are energized and ready to move forward!  Many youth have asked what else they can do to become active on this issue and we are responding!

      Our next training date for building youth leadership on this issue will be Saturday, April 1st at 11 am (location TBA) – we will be inviting two student reps from each school represented in the Student Day at the Capitol to begin building for the weeks to come – so OJO! Keep your eye out for our next action!

      If you would like to follow up on Student Day at the Capitol or have any questions, please contact Sai Vang at 651-287-0660 or freedomnetwork@....

      ¡Si se puede!

      Alondra K. Espejel

      Communications Organizer
      Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network
      2500 University Avenue, Suite C8
      St. Paul, MN 55114
      o: 651.287.0660


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