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briefing on 4th blood donation drive 2003

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    hi members, im hoong lee, commandant of vad83d would like 2 welcome u all back 2 campus after the cny holidays. sure u all had an enjoyable holidays rite?
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2003
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      hi members,

      im hoong lee, commandant of vad83d would like 2 welcome u all back 2 campus after the cny holidays. sure u all had an enjoyable holidays rite?

      here, i would like 2 brief u about our coming 4th blood donation drive. it is held on 18-20 feb 2003 at fcm artrium from 9am-5pm. the opening is on the 1st day which is 18th at about 2pm.

      i hope all the members who r free or no class on the 1st day at 2pm plz come n help us on the preparation for the opening ceremony. we need ur help very very much. i on behalf of the committee members of vad83d 4th blood donation drive would like to express our most heart felt thanks to all the volunteers.

      volunteers who willing 2 help in the opening ceremony plz wear half uniform(baret, rc t-shirt, belt, white pants, black socks n black leather shoes). i also sincerely hope that those members who hv half uniform plz help in the opening ceremony. ur tasks is b the barisan kehormat. barisan kehormat consists of 9 members n 1 commander. members divided into 2 rows, 5 members each row n the members of 2 rows r standing opposite each other forming a path for the VIP. when there's arrival of VIP, members will listen 2 the comamder's command n hormat the VIP.

      we also need some volunteers to guide VIP the way to fcm artrium or the correct parking lot for them to park their vehicles.

      members who volunteer in the dance performance, plz hv a dance practice asap coz we don hv much time left. plz make sure the dance's song, steps n attire r confirmed. 

      MC plz prepare wat u hv 2 say or announce according to the schedule.

      the registration counter will b placed at the front n back of fcm artrium. the front counter is the blood bank registration counter. volunteers in this counter hv 2 make sure the donors fill the details correctly in the form like mmu address etc. u also need 2 show them after the registration counter, proceed to blood test counter, next proceed to blood pressure counter n so on.

      the back counter is our rcs counter. volunteers in this counter hv to make a record of confirmed donated donors details n rcs volunteer duty members' details. free gifts will b given to donors in this counter after they had taken their food. the free gifts must divide equally for 3 days. this is bcoz donors wont complaint that no more free gifts on last day.

      there will b some volunteers who incharged for the welfare of the donors like console them, calm them, gif them advice, fan them, plaster their hand n etc.

      lastly, some reminders for those who want to donate blood. 1st, u must hv at least 5 hours sleep. plz sleep more than 5 hours la. then, u must hv a proper meal like rice, fish n etc b 4 u come to donate blood. if not, u might faint, headache or vomit. but different ppl, diff body condition, diff case la. i don mean to scare u all. fish contains iron which is 1 of the important komposisi in our blood. lots of donors fail to donate blood bcoz they lack of iron n thus fail at the blood test counter. the ideal time to donate blood is in the afternoon after ur lunch. plz tell all ur frens who wish to donate blood all those reminders ok? it's very important!

      ur cooperation n helpfulness will highly appreciated. thank you very much!


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