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THANK YOU from DRRO 0809

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  • Lau cHunNang
    ~This message is dedicated to all the DRROians 0809, it s abit long and thanks for your time to read it~ All my dearest DRRO 0809 participants & committees,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2008
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      ~This message is dedicated to all the DRROians 0809, it's abit long and thanks for your time to read it~

      All my dearest DRRO 0809 participants & committees,

      Hi, how¡¯s everyone? Already recover from the tiredness of DRRO Camp? Wish that everyone is good health and start to strive hard for your study now. First of all, I would like to thanks to all who present in the DRRO 0809; members, committees and our supportive seniors and advisors. With the support and cooperation from you all, again we achieved all the objectives of DRRO and brought it to a beautiful ending. We, the committees of DRRO 0809 really enjoy every single moments that we had had with all of you, a thousand thank you from us to all.

      When revive back, we, the committees of DRRO 0809 had started the preparation job of this camp since the end of last trimester. During the progress of preparation work, we really face a lot of problems as it¡¯s really difficult for all the committees to meet up that period as it¡¯s already near to final examination. Yet, we even fail to complete all task in the deadline as set by all of us. Those problems like: venue, syllabus and courses, borrowing of equipments, programme, food, accommodation and many more not seems to be solved but more and more doubt and troubles appeared. During the moment I wish to give up, it¡¯s grateful that all of the committees be with me. Thus I also wish to take this opportunity to record my appreciation to all of you.

      My special and most thanks to my brother, Ming Wei; he is the one who help and assist me the most in this DRRO camp. From the beginning till the end of the camp he never left me alone. I still remember when we search for the venue, almost 10++ venue that we had went for but all of them are not suitable or not available, I planning to postpone the camp but with the spirit and support from MW, we finally can have this camp in Sungai Tua. And he also helps me a lot during the camp, all the 4 simulations and the first-aid relay games are also from his hard work. The broken hand, emergency call and those who eat banana with kulit, garlic etc were all his crazy ideas, so don¡¯t blame me. Haha.

      My thanks to our camp assistant director, Jason; who help to settle the syllabus and courses of this camp and invite all the well trained instructor to be with us in the camp. Besides that, it¡¯s also our glory to have the Chairman of Selangor Branch, Mdm. Fatimah and the Chairman of Disaster Response, Mr. Dawood to be with us during the closing ceremony.

      My thanks to our Camp Commandant, Chor Keng; who always help me without complaint his task, his good work for designing the camp t-shirt and give me lots of guidance on how DRRO should be look like. He also had good improvement since the 1st day til the last day of the camp in leading and commanding all the participants.  Also thanks to my best roommate Cheng Rui, even though he cannot make it during the camp but he did help us a lot in the designing task.

      To my dearest secretary, Sophia and my dearest treasurer, Yin Pin, really happy to work with both of you, all the paper work and account of DRRO really burden both of you but yet you two still done a perfect job. Thanks also for always reminding me all the tasks that yet to be done and the support and effort that you two gave to me in organized this camp.

      I also wish to show my sincere appreciation to simulation leader, Teresa who done a great job in all the simulations. She always wills to share her knowledge to all of us and thanks for the effort in teaching all the members, I really learn a lot from her. And for Mei Kuan who join the committee team few days before the camp, thanks for your great hand for assisting me in all the stuff no matter prepared for meal, games, etc.

      Thanks also to our programme planner, Victor; who plan a lot of interesting activities for us. Due to lacking of time he only manage to plan the treasure hunt on that morning but I can see that everyone is enjoying as well as the camp fire. My deepest appreciation to the chef of DRRO, Yu Kiat; for prepared the most delicious mass cooking menu for all of us. 4am while all were in sweet dreams, ming wei, Jeffrey, and mei kuan leaded by our Chef go to Pasar Borong buy food for us where they have to drift in the darkness.

      Also my most thank you to our QM, brother Jeffrey; who obtained all the good tents and equipment to all of us up till his car and OR room still in disaster mode right now. This cutest QM also the one who always work according to my order without any complaint yet he always done perfect and make me no worries.

      To all the commandants: the quietness Shi Yun, my helpful bro. Chin Fon, the craziest Kok Hong and my lovely Sin Yen. WELL DONE to 4 of you for done a very good job from before camp up till now! Congratulation to all of you! It¡¯s my good fortune to have 4 of you to be with all the participants/members. I would like to rate you guys 5 stars for create a good team work among all the VADs members, the performances, group cheer, flag etc all are the best of the best work.

      While to all the members, congratulation also to all of you for did a good job during the camp. Deepest appreciation from me to all of you for always cooperative with all the committees from the day we depart up till the very last program of the camp. It¡¯s proud to say that this year we had had the most number of participants compare to last few years. And I can see that there is the spirit and team work created among all of you thought out the camp.

      For the programme flow of the camp, I apologize for all the sudden changes due to some unforeseen circumstances like the delay arrival of instructor and the mass cooking equipment technical problems. While for the discipline of this camp, we really not strict enough during the camp as we hope that we are now university students and I¡¯m guess all will follow the rules stated, so hope the coming committees will take notes on it. Besides that, each of the activities that we had had during the camp had its own purpose or objectives. First aid-relay games, tents disaster, emergency call, performances and etc¡­The activities are not blindly create by the committees to slots the time yet all activities have its own values and I hope you guys did have good lessons throughout all this activities/progrmme.  We, the organizing committees really touch to see the joy of laughter, the sweat of hard work and the tears of success from all the members along the camp. It really worth every single minute we have working for this camp and every sweats that we have dropped during the camp.

      To all the members/participants who not yet fill in the feedback form, you are most welcome to send it to your respective commandant or me or even you can post it here in the yahoo group. Your feedback will be the precious gift for us to improving our hard work.

      Lastly, I wish to sincerely apologize if there is anything that I have done wrong before this and again I wish to record my deepest appreciation to all MMURCians for the effort and dedication put in that had culminated in our thumping success. Let us all hand in hand strive together as a TEAM to led MMURC to a winning track.

      Looking forward to work and have fun together with everyone in the up-coming RC events: 21th Blood Donation Drive and Courses. Good Luck and take care. May all be well and happy.


      Organizing Committee of DRRO 0809
      Malaysian Red Crescent
      MMU Cyberjaya Chapter

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