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2211Reminder for DRRO campers

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  • Schewlin Ng
    Oct 30, 2012
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      Dear DRRO campers,

      Greetings from Malaysian Red Crescent Cyberjaya Chapter!

      How is your preparation for the DRRO camp?

      *Here is the reminder for all PARTICIPANTS!!
      Everyone must gather on 6.20am at STAD Building with the attire of DRRO 2012/2013 t-shirt.

      For the convenience to all of you to prepare all the necessities needed during Disaster Relief and Rescue Operation (DRRO) camp 2012/2013, here is the checklist for things to bring and not to bring:

      1. RC t-shirt (at least one)
      2. Long pants/track suits for 3 days (advisable dark color)
      3. Covered shoes with socks
      4. Forks, Spoons, Plates, Cups and Bowls
      5. Triangle bandages
      6. Whistle
      7. Stationery (pen, paper)
      8. Personal hygiene (towel, shampoo/soaps, brush, toothpaste, etc)
      9. Personal medicine
      10. Torch light - Spare Batteries
      11. Drinking water/bottle (sufficient for three days two nights camp)

      1. Sleeping Bag
      2. Sunscreen
      3. Insect Repellent / Spray
      4. Shower Shoes / Flip Flops
      5. Toilet Paper
      6. Jacket
      7. Rope / String
      8. Hanger
      9. Plastic bags
      10. Pail
      11. Rain coat

      Highly Prohibited:
      1. Jewelry
      2. Cigarette
      3. Alcohol
      4. Short pants

      1. Things that not mentioned in the list, you can bring it as well if you feel you need it, except those listed in prohibited section.
      2. We will not responsible to find you a replacement for anything that you leave behind. So, please be wise in packing your bag.

      Should you have further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me at:
      Ng Schew Lin
      Email: schewlin21@...
      H/P : 012-373 6361

      Thank you.

      "Together We Strive For Humanity"

      Best Regards,
      Ng Schew Lin
      Chapter Secretary 12/13
      Malaysian Red Crescent
      Multimedia University Cyberjaya Chapter
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