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Japan MMMs. 2001-04. Reports, photos, plans. Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo.

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    Million Marijuana March photos, banners, reports, articles. Cannabis Liberation Day Worldwide in early May. MMM 2004 world map and city list:
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      Million Marijuana March photos, banners, reports, articles.
      Cannabis Liberation Day Worldwide in early May. MMM 2004 world map and city list:
      Pages were translated by pasting their URLs into the form here:
      ------English translation of Japanase webpage begins------
      Marijuana march 2004

      Marijuana march
      The meeting, "marijuana march", from 1998 every year putting out hemp freeing in May, is the worldwide simultaneous event which is done at each city of the world. Last year (2003), America & Europe focusing on it was held at 225 cities.
      In Japan, in 2001 first participation, later, the number of participants every year has increased as the only city Tokyo in the Asian region with the sponsorship of �J���i�r�X�g.
      International poster 2001
      2001:Tokyo Jingumae park (Shibuya)Approximately 400 people participationdetailed ��
      2002:Head park of Tokyo well (Kitiziyouzi)Approximately 800 people participationdetailed ��
      2003:Head park of Tokyo well (Kitiziyouzi)Approximately 1200 people participationdetailed ��
      2004 has planned also the opening in Osaka and Sapporo in addition to Tokyo. Because (as for Sapporo lead time is short, there is no music and a performance, etc. it becomes the gathering which you talk together concerning hemp problem)
      Past with 3 Tokyo marches, service, and declarative statement adoption etc. of the panel exhibition, the hemp gruel and the hemp buckwheat noodles live and performance and the costume contest, concerning �t���[�X�s�[�` and hemp problem were done with the field stage which is the big park. It does what, it is the meeting of the non profit which you decide with by your, keep making with by your.
      International poster 2004
      Worldwide common slogan
      It recognizes as the remedy! (Release The Medicine! )
      It arrests with the hemp! (Stop All Cannabis Arrests! )
      Talk the truth! (Stop The Lies! )
      Rescue the sick person! (Heal The Sick! )
      Freedom is taken! (End The Prison State! )

      * 2004 march opening schedule
      - Marijuana march 2004 in Tokyo (4th time)
      Day and time:May 2nd (day) 13:00-17:00
      Place:Wooden place park (the Tokyo Koto Ku wooden place)
      Traffic:Corporation subway east west line "wooden place" getting off walking 5 minute,
      Capital barracks subway large Edo line "clarification Shiragawa" getting off walking 15 minute,
      Capital barracks subway Shinjuku line "Kikukawa" getting off walking 15 minute
      - Marijuana march 2004 in Osaka (1st time)
      Day and time:May 5th (water) 13:00-17:00
      Place:Fan town park (Osaka prefecture Osaka city north Ku fan town)
      Traffic:The Osaka city barracks subway Sakai muscle line "fan town" getting off walking 1 minute,
      JR Osaka belt highway "Tenma" getting off walking 3 minute
      - Marijuana march 2004 in Sapporo (1st time)
      Day and time:May 9th, it announces time separately
      Place:It announces after the deciding
      *There is no music and a performance, etc. it becomes the gathering which you talk together concerning hemp problem.

      * Collection of participant volunteer
      We have collected the companion of the volunteer who keeps making this meeting together. There is such a plan idea, for example by his would like to perform, we would like to speak at the meeting place, we would like to display, we would like to help the distribution of the advertisement flier, if such cooperation support of many companions is requested e.g., it is possible. It is pleasant together, it doesn't keep making "marijuana march"? We would like to make the meeting which utilizes Tokyo & Osaka & Sapporo and respective locality. "
      Because this meeting has designated that it appeals that it is the voice which demands freeing the hemp vis-a-vis the normal people and the mass communications and the politician etc. of society, as intended one, observance of law the heart per seat �� it is. In order only for the participant to be able be able to enjoy safely, and even in order in the future to keep continuing, the case where it is attended considering sufficiently at this point in time, we request the fact that it can receive.
      There is an interest in marijuana march, as for the one that, Tokyo/Osaka salon (conventional meeting, whether please refer to the top page) it participates, please communicate details something it was supported, to Executive Office.
      Salon:Tokyo (every month first Friday opening), Osaka (irregularly opening, next undecided)
      Telephone:090-7213-6917 and 03-3706-6885

      * Future schedule
      *Marijuana march 2004 in Tokyo (4th time)
      (As for opening schedule description above reference)
      *Marijuana march 2004 in Osaka (1st time)
      (As for opening schedule description above reference)
      *Marijuana march 2004 in Sapporo (1st time)
      (As for opening schedule description above reference)

      ----end of webpage----


      ------Tokyo MMM 2003 report, photos, banners.--------

      2003 May 11th marijuana march
      Tokyo declaration (all sentence)


      Marijuana march 2003 Tokyo declaration

      The hemp (the marijuana)"the drug" is not. This in democracy country where the world matures now is the fact which becomes commonness recognition. In EU countries and Canada and Australia which begin Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England and Switzerland at the private level freeing is advanced concerning the possession and cultivation of the hemp. In America with election of the state concerning the legalization of the hemp there is the movement which does again to look at the regulation of the hemp e.g., it is questioned. It can cite the fact that the fact that becomes clear health of the body and the harmful characteristic danger which is given to society are little in the hemp, as this background.
      However, in Japan every year, over thousand hundred human thing people it is arrested by hemp control law and receives heavy punishment. Generally known advanced 7 country (G7) the hemp management just Japan like anachronism among them is continued. It is to be hard the people who long are detained with the inferior environment which is widely different from daily life, are driven to unemployment and leaving school the "offender" the judgment which is handled, attendant upon that. Not only this person who is arrested, it became unavoidable that parent to stop work. The family was alienated from community by actual name reporting of the mass communications. Unpleasant suspect treatment was done with license inquiry of the future and the car. Internationally the married couple who gets married pertaining to hemp control method violation to live separately to live with entrance tube method life of many people is damaged e.g., it became unavoidable. The defendant of these hemp incidents, extremely the normal young person, the society member and the student who are anywhere, in other words is the citizen.

      The hemp whose harmful characteristic danger is high never in comparison with the tobacco and alcohol with cannot say must be managed this way harshly, as for the reason it is not everywhere. In fact, you manage and the hemp being harmful to authorities, without being able to show the scientific basis that they are dangerous ones, it is.
      The management authorities have justified also the hemp management in the ambiguous word, "abuse medicine". But as for the hemp, the sense consequence medicine and the thinner and the heroin and the like chemical structure and medicine reason action are the different thing completely, it separates and it is something which is thought in advanced countries has become commonness recognition. Vis-a-vis the citizen, it does not release the correct information where as for that much harmful characteristic danger you say, to the hemp that it is not, is dreadful as for the sufficient attitude which repeats "abuse medicine" campaign, it is not the foolish people conversion policy which deceives the sovereignty person, probably will be? In addition, you judge from the investigation cost which relates to the hemp management, maintenance and the like of the jail state expenditure (tax) points out also that it is waste.
      This kind of tragedy which it occurs with the hemp management saying that it is the human rights violation with civil rights power is not overstatement. Being to be a circumstance where the basic human rights which are guaranteed with the constitution which is the highest law of the country are not protected it does.
      Administration with the notion that, law just is executed, being irresponsible, you say you do not obtain that it is the bureaucratic principle which stiffens. Hemp control law is the law which was made under occupying in former times above half a century, at that time, being the case that the harmful influence by the hemp occurred even when without, concerning danger and harmful characteristic presence without being verified there are the details which it is legislated are converted. The public welfare Ministry of Labor, the police, it investigates, being to designate the citizen who is the sovereignty person in vain as the "offender".
      With judgment, law is fitted simply type and the defendant of hemp incident is judged. As for administration of justice, the hemp must insert the person in the jail, that the core judgement which you say whether they are extent danger harmful ones is avoided. It believed that you can do fair judgment, many defendants (the citizen) without agreement going to that, being in the thinking which is betrayed to inquire about decision, it does. The courthouse should become aware in the self having destroyed the justifiability of legal order. This kind of judgment is continued, if is, the citizen is not unable to come to the point of losing the reliance to administration of justice.
      The mass communications did reporting which is based on prejudice so far concerning the hemp. The citizen being to be planted misunderstanding to the hemp does with the television, the newspaper and the weekly magazine which excessively danger like "the drug" announce the hemp. Are the mass communications, the flow of hemp freeing which is advanced in Western countries, and probably to continue to ignore the fact that it has the voice which demands freeing the hemp even in Japan? Like hemp problem enlightens you think that social duty of the mass communications that is largely questioned, the information which opposes to fact it conveys truth to the citizen in case of the situation which has gone unchallenged as common sense. We call vis-a-vis the mass communications authorized personnel as reported fairly with courage.
      In addition, being also those where it understands that the hemp is the most effective remedy, to be in incurable disease, it does, but the patient without being able to receive the remedy such as that because the hemp is regulated it is. The hemp the fact that it reaches the point where you can use as the medicine is proper right as human rights of the patient. As for us, the fact that it reaches the point where it can use the hemp for medical purpose is requested.

      We, being harmful, are not margin to coerce dangerous ones runaway. Even when being harmful, it is not unreasonable, or to manage those which are not dangerous harshly being to appeal, that that victim should be lost, it does. That is reason as a natural human.
      Freeing the hemp several 100000 in a manner of speaking the social minority (just the small-numbered person) is not the problem which relates from the presumption several tens of thousands which thinks the hemp desirably. If you see from all societies, assuming, that it is the problem which is relation in only the small-numbered human, for many people directly has relationship the person who human rights is infringed exists with that all people who live in this society vis-a-vis the actuality that, are the expectation which is not unrelated.
      As for the notion that where, a better society is built, rather than talking every kind of future ideal, you think that first now presently, it starts from the fact that the people who in unhappy circumstance are rescued such as poverty and discrimination and oppressing are placed. If sympathy to the people who are placed in unhappy circumstance and basically of human society there is no ���� which is, future cannot be what in that society. Being to be this Japan to improve, it does that the people who damage life with the unreasonable hemp management are lost. Freeing the hemp the society where human rights are protected truly, being fair, does not oppose to reason as a humane society and a human, being free, being to be the lydian stone, whether or not Japan is accustomed to the society which is easy to live it does.
      It appeals that we presently, separate the hemp from midst of the medicine which is regulated on the basis of the fact that it is the worldwide public opinion where freeing the hemp is based on good sense, in, Japan should admit the possession cultivation only private use.

      2003 May 11th marijuana march (Tokyo) participant all

      ----end of webpage----


      ------Tokyo MMM 2002 report, photos, banners.--------

      2002 May 6th marijuana march

      2002 May 6th marijuana march 800 carrot adding

      If you mention the head park of Kitiziyouzi's well, it is one of Tokyo popularity spots. �J���i�r�X�g held marijuana march in Tokyo which this year is 2nd year with the field music hole inside the park. The number of participants reached to 800 people. These number of people are also to count the marijuana march official poster of the worldwide simultaneous event by one distributing to the one person.
      The feather of big leaf shape the marijuana angel which in the back whirled the meeting place flutteringly with the roller blade. In the costume contest where "hemp you who come from the field" win, also the girl small still it is young fights bravely. The time, the numbers of the peaceful live performance where also the inside of the meeting place participates in the chorus. It became the very pleasant event where desire is filled in the air.
      On the one hand, it directed to the panel, appeal the serious human rights violation of hemp control law the panel and freeing which appeal the harmlessness of the hemp scientifically inside the park and the panel which introduces the up-to-date overseas circumstance where big development is accelerating stood up.
      Furthermore video it televised also the program of England BBC which introduces the dramatic effect as a medical supply of the hemp. In generality exhibition, the hemp gruel and the hemp museum which is opened in behavior of the hemp buckwheat noodle, the exhibition and Nasu of the hemp product, the hemp �� - the �� (�^�C�}�b�T�[�W) there was also service and an anthology etc. of handmade testimony of the hemp incident arrest person was gathered.
      The person who observes seriously. First while being surprised, the pedestrian who watches information interestingly, that way becomes the participant. Directing in hemp freeing, it could appeal also insistence.
      The people where participating in marijuana march runs from long way with purpose the multitude it was in the participant. North the Hokkaido Monbetsu, the Okinawa stone wall island, participation from the foreign country there was south. Usually, there is no thing which meets the �� and the companion who shares the feeling which asks freeing shook hands, the spectacle to encourage each other were seen.
      As for marijuana march 2002 Tokyo 800 asked freeing the hemp, concentrated. As for this fact, there being whatever kind of thing, it is not possible to change. "It will try participating in marijuana march", that you say, you think as one by one determination, "solution = hemp freeing of hemp problem (non crime conversion)" direct and keep being connected to the one step of advance. Everyone of the participant, directing to big goal even from this, it perseveres, the better �� ��.

      ' The hemp (the marijuana), seeing scientifically, harmful characteristic is high with cannot call our �J���i�r�X�g, in comparison with alcohol and the tobacco. This kind of hemp is managed with hemp control law, the fact that criminal punishment is inflicted probably is unjust human rights violation. We think separating with crime only little private use concerning the hemp, generally known "non crime conversion" is proposed. We the social prejudice for the hemp however, being truly free, would like to keep making the society which is easy to live. ' With you insist.
      Directing to freeing, the movement continues advance. Next year furthermore you aim toward the marijuana march whose scale is large.

      �J���i�r�X�g management commission

      Liberation Day

      Marijuana march
      Tokyo declaration

      World Wide MMM site

      Marijuana march ��


      The moving aside which it has writing at the meeting place you write, (javiliv offer)

      ----end of webpage----


      ------Tokyo MMM 2001 report, photos, banners.--------

      May 5th marijuana march

      May 5th marijuana march report
      (From entry to salon of day eagle quotation)

      As for the Jingumae park with the long park, 3 there was an entrance on north and south, the entrance of center and south became main.

      The tapestry and the sticker were sold before the park, also the branch store had come out. You think that there was also a leaf mark and reggae ones in the sticker and the tapestry, had helping rising even outside the meeting place. The poster of marijuana there is march and "standing with respect to law, the notification that it is managed", in the entrance, you understood at the glance it is some gathering. Even then as for the people who enter, under it came to seeing from the baby accompanying to the person of 50 and 60 rank. When center (north) the entrance it enters, there was the board exhibition and the hemp gruel behaved with the side. The people who look at the board with the serious look, the people who smack in the hemp gruel, there was a table of �J���i�r�X�g under the banner in center "hemp freeing motion" ahead that, distributed news and it collected the donation.

      At the place where the front of the that is wide, the people of the multitude read �J���i�r�X�g news and the leaflet, watched the marijuana-related poster. On south side of the park and side of the table it can unfold music, speech and performance and as for the sound and voice echoing in the building of the front, "the hemp is not bad! "With the voice which is said, seemed that is spreading in Shibuya.

      Being to think, that the sound being noisy, perhaps it is information it does, but the officer did. But it did not become either the noise without the times when no one fears, there is no either person who escapes, conversely "it came being what thing, it is", that the people ants which crowd, in the center explained management in small �� (the legal advisor) with officer, that was visible even in one performance. But, there was no kind of thing where everyone who participated without it does not receive either discontinuance advice, as for the meeting place and music and speech remaining, trembles. It was proven here. Thing, doing the declaration of intention and acts talking the hemp do not find fault in anyone, it is not opposed to even law. It has not done completely that you are wrong. Arrest how it is not done of course.
      The officer, it was highest �p�t�H�[�}�[, thank you.

      Also the event enters final stage, Asoreadsthe declarative statement. When it tried probably to distribute the copy of the declarative statement, the �� �� where everyone who participated extends the hand respectively, 200 (is?) The copy stopped being enough. Because it is not possible, to call walking, with "it appealed dispersion on this route of �� everyone", but excitation you awaken and the participants crowd, the line forming in the table of �J���i�r�X�g. Even then it started walking gradually gradually, before the bee public of the last position, the bee applying the ray of the leaf publicly, before the that with everyone it commemorated it photographed.

      Marijuana march
      Declaration word sentence

      Mass communications authorized personnel
      To everyone

      Leaflet PDF edition

      PDF it is for printing.
      Surface (B6 format) 795KB
      Back (B6 format) 677KB
      Both sides (B5 format) 1.44MB
      For black and white (B5 format) 1.36MB
      As for the one for black printing chroma of the color part is dropped.

      As for AcrobatReaderthis

      The speech by small �� attorney

      You make the fungus of thinking talk with the flying entering

      The audience who drinks in

      �W���W�[ it relaxes with song

      Support goods sale and member collection

      There is also the exhibition which becomes for the sake of

      The moving aside which it has writing at the meeting place you write, (javiliv offer)

      ----end of webpage----


      MMM. Million Marijuana March. 235 cities worldwide in 2003!
      1994-2000 Governor Bush legacy: 4.7% of Texas adults
      are NOW in jail, in prison, on probation, or on parole! Texas leads the world!
      Republicrat USA: Nearly half a million people are behind bars NOW
      for non-violent drug law violations. More than Western Europe,
      with a larger population, incarcerates for everything!
      Please forward.

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