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San Jose Cannabis PROTEST TODAY! 6-15-10

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    from SJCBC Info reply-to SJCBC Info to date Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:02 PM subject : San Jose Cannabis PROTEST
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      date Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 8:02 PM
      subject : San Jose Cannabis PROTEST tomorrow! 6-15-10

      Hello All,

      Please join the SJCBC (San Jose Cannabis Buyers Collective), Pharmers
      Health Center Cooperative, and Union Local 13 in our protest to protect
      all medical cannabis in San Jose on both June 15th (TOMORROW!, at the
      next city council meeting, from 1PM to 7PM) AND June 22nd , the day they
      plan to pass this ordinance.

      The San Jose �emergency ordinance� is now scheduled for June
      22nd. The City's plan is to pass an �emergency ordinance� as
      the first step towards their goal of chasing all medical cannabis out of
      San Jose! In doing so, they are violating the civil rights of medical
      patients, invading their privacy, endangering the safety of patients,
      small business operators, the entire community, and even the city itself
      (through the legal consequences of their actions). The City Attorney's
      office looks at this as a way to generate revenue for the city. The City
      plans to sue legally operating collectives, and they plan to force the
      collectives to pay for the cities legal fees.

      The first protest rally will be 6/15 (TOMORROW) and start at 1PM. Our
      plan is to draw awareness to the issues, promote the rally on the 22nd,
      and show our council members that we're not playing around. The founder
      of the SJCBC (Dave Hodges) will be out there until at least 7PM. We will
      have snacks and drinks across the street on 4th st.

      The second protest will on the 22nd from 12PM to 2PM, leading into the
      city council meeting

      For those who are not aware, the regulations that concern us the most,
      and emphasize our point:

      * All collective members must be San Jose residents

      * A patient can only join 1 collective!

      * Collectives must be 1,000 feet away from any sensitive use

      * No sales of anything! Collectives can only provide cannabis, no
      other products or services

      * Only 10 collectives allowed, chosen using a lotto system

      * Collective member info and records must be review-able by the city

      * All medication must be produced on site

      Suggestions for signs:


      Don't take away our privacy, MEDICAL cannabis patients have rights

      10 collectives is not enough! No caps on medical cannabis!

      Fair regulations for medical cannabis!

      Don't chase sick patients out of town!

      Moms for safe cannabis!

      Christians for safe cannabis!

      Parents for safe cannabis!

      Medical patients have rights! Prop 215, SB420, and the AG
      Guidelines. Don't violate our Civil Rights!!

      Neighbors for safe cannabis!

      Treat cannabis like any other business!

      Marijuana is Propaganda! Cannabis is Medication

      Medical Cannabis is here to stay in San Jose!

      2 x 3ft signs are the best as you will be allowed to take them
      into council chambers with you.

      Poster/foam-board has good weight & stiffness, more expensive but
      much easier to hold and use

      Don't forget to check your spelling!

      Best Regards,

      Dave Hodges

      If you know someone who would like to be added to the list, tell them
      they can join the SJCBC Activist list @ http://sjcbc.org/activist
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