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Santa Barbara: Statement from Mayor Schneider and Bendy White on medi marijuana

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    Statement from Mayor Schneider and Bendy White updated: Jun 06, 2010, 12:50 PM By Helene Schneider and Bendy White
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2010
      Statement from Mayor Schneider and Bendy White

      updated: Jun 06, 2010, 12:50 PM

      By Helene Schneider and Bendy White


      Mayor Helene Schneider and Councilmember Bendy White propose to place
      two measures before the voters on the November 2010 ballot: the medical
      marijuana dispensary ordinance voted by 5 Council members on May 18,
      2010 and an initiative to ban all medical marijuana dispensaries in the
      City of Santa Barbara.

      Councilmember Frank Hotchkiss' reversal of his YES vote on the May 18,
      2010 medical marijuana dispensary ordinance essentially throws the
      matter into gridlock. Mayor Schneider and Councilmember White believe
      that this issue will continue to fester unless either opponents of the
      ordinance on the council agree to a compromise or the matter is settled
      before the voters.

      After months of negotiations and hours of public testimony,
      Councilmember Hotchkiss, as a member of the Ordinance Committee, voted
      to send a stronger medical marijuana dispensary ordinance to the full
      City Council for adoption. At the May 18th Council hearing, Mr.
      Hotchkiss voted for yet additional restrictions in order to reach a
      compromise, thus creating one of the strictest ordinances in the State
      of California. Approval of the May 18th ordinance would have resulted in
      the quickest means to close unrestricted dispensaries. However, for the
      second time Hotchkiss changed his vote, resulting in gridlock.

      "Like the State of California's budget, this issue requires a
      super-majority for any action to take place. Frank's decision to pull
      his support of this ordinance keeps city residents in limbo regarding
      how to address legal access to medical marijuana, as stipulated by the
      voter-approved Prop 215 and the State Attorney General's guidelines,"
      commented Mayor Schneider. "For that reason, I think the only way
      forward at this point is to place both the revised ordinance and the
      question of a ban before the voters in November of this year."

      "We have both a long-term and short-term problem," said Councilmember
      White. "I support putting a ban on the ballot, but the quickest path to
      closing unrestricted dispensaries is for Council to move forward on a
      tough ordinance. I still hold out hope that Council can reach a
      compromise on the issue. If not we should place both a ban and the May
      18th ordinance on the November 2010 ballot."

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