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Re: [mlathemods] RE: Tool rust prevention

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  • Joe V31JP
    Interesting. Now to find it here. It dissolves in alcohol. I am stopping by the pharmacist today in town, I hope. ... -- Regards, Joe, Ronnie (Rowena), Marty
    Message 1 of 27 , Sep 20, 2013
      Interesting.  Now to find it here. It dissolves in alcohol.  I am stopping by the pharmacist today in town, I hope.

      On 9/20/2013 4:04 AM, MERTON B BAKER wrote:
      & if you put a little Phenolphthalein dye in with the gel, it turns pink when it needs the oven, & a nice blue when it comes out ready to remove moisture.


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      Rust removal (similar to Evapo-Rust): http://www.cortecvci.com/Products/single.php?code=10244

      Rust Prevention, pick your poison:

      The econ "blue" might be better for a salt-air environment.

      I've had good luck using a general 70% blend of 30W-20W synthetic motor oil, 20% Marvel's Mystery Oil, and 10% Mineral spirits for most machine lubrication and tool wipe-down.

      Heavy Duck-canvas machine covers are a must and reduced my rusting problems by at least 50%.

      A 5lb. container of Silica Powder will last forever!  Hobby Lobby has 40% off coupons all the time.  Place it in salt shakers or empty spice containers with a fabric "trap" to prevent spillage.  I use round cutouts from dust masks.  Good for ammo cans too, along with a semiconductor parts moisture indicator card thrown in.

      Microwave used desiccant at a medium power setting in a glass baking pan for 5-10 minutes and let cool to re-activate. Stir and repeat if you have more than 1/4" of desiccant.  It's actually better to do in a regular oven, but it takes about 30-45 minutes at 225F, plus cool-down time.

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      If you can't get enough silica  gel by saving pill packets, craft stores such as Michael's and Hobby Lobby sell silica gel in large containers for drying flowers; and it's pretty inexpensive. It's the same stuff which  can be reactivated by a trip to the oven.

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