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Re: [mlathemods] chainsaw sharpening

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  • Rick Gallus
    This is a great little machine.  I bought one years ago from Cummins and it works great.  I highly recommend. Rick G ________________________________ From:
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 22, 2011
      This is a great little machine.  I bought one years ago from Cummins and it works great.  I highly recommend.

      Rick G

      From: OneBike2Ride <steelchipper@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 10:52 PM
      Subject: Re: [mlathemods] chainsaw sharpening

       If you go here:
       you can click the blue bar over the picture that says "See this product in Action!" and watch a little video on how to use this sharpener. It appears like the user should be able to set it to barely skim up against the edge of the teeth, just enough to get a sharp edge with very minimal metal removal.

       But that is just what the video appears to show - my sharpener is still in the box waiting for me to make time for it, so I can't say how that actually works out yet with me fooling around with it.

       It seems I'll just have to eyeball it as best I can to match the existing cutting teeth angles, and very lightly touch up the edges just enough to get em' sharp - "stop when you get an edge" as Mert said.

       As you can see in the video I have to rotate the chain mount after doing the teeth on one side of the chain in order to do the teeth on the other side. That introduces the possibility of slightly different angles between sides. So I'll be double checking angles as best I can with my yellow plastic angle finder. (I see its on sale again, $3.99.)
      Multipurpose Angle Finder
       I guess if the angles are slightly different between sides I'll notice when the chainsaw tries to  wander off to one side while cutting(?) Maybe mighty close will be good enough. Somehow I missed that blindingly obvious video link on the HF website until after I posted here. Makes it look kind of easy, so I am still hopeful. When I get a "round tuit" I'll take pictures and post about my sharpening adventures be they good or bad. :-)

       John Z.

      On 6/20/2011 10:56 AM, ToolRoomTrustee@... wrote:
      I have one of those HF chainsaw sharpeners, it has worked for me but it does seem to use up a lot of tooth for each sharpening
      so I went back to one of those jigs with a round file. There was a tool out a couple decades ago that was hand cranked and apparently
      did a superior job so naturally it went out of business.
      There are a couple yahoo chainsaw groups out there that might advise you better than me.
      Larry Murray

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