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    I have a headless golf driver. A lot lighter, makes a fine waling stick, and in an emergency, it s an epee. Mert ... From: mlathemods@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 182 , Jun 8 1:16 PM
      I have a headless golf driver.  A lot lighter, makes a fine waling stick, and in an emergency, it's an epee.

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      I am going to have to make a new 5 foot walking stick like I used years ago. Have almost gotten run over twice lately by chollos making a sudden turn either left or right with people in the cross walk! Might use 1/2" pipe with rubber boots over the end caps.
      Long Beach, CA
      On 06/08/11, oldstudentmsgt<wmrmeyers@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

      My $2 worth (inflation adjusted, it's about $0.02) Once they get the guns gone, they'll go after knives, and so on...

      Personally, I've used a pencil as a weapon, not actually on a person, but as a promise... I was in 7th grade, and there were a bunch of other kids who liked to pick on the kid who sat through recesses reading. One day, I got tired of it, and took my pencil and drove it an inch into the brick wall I was leaning against, while looking the ringleader in the eye. They all decided I was too crazy for them to deal with, and left. Didn't ever bother me again, either.

      These days, that would probably get me suspended, too.

      As I've told my kids, weapons are tools, and tools are means of applying force. A rolled up newspaper can be a weapon in hands that know how to use it, and controlled by a brain that is willing to do so.

      Likewise, hammers, baseball bats, and random lengths of pipe. ;)

      Bill in OKC <----- probably done pontificating for the day...

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      > >
      > > i think it was in the movie "2001" where one ape picked up a club and
      > > bashed another ape's head in.
      > > to me, what this indicates is that there are the aggressive "things", be it animals or man, who will always try to dominate the weaker.
      > > that being said i can also build a steel box to secure my weapon, making it so secure that the weapon will be destroyed by someone stealing it. while in the steel box the gun will never hurt or kill
      > > anybody.
      > > all this means is, to me anyway, is weapons(guns) do not kill people.
      > > people with guns kill people. people with clubs kill people, apes with clubs kill apes.
      > > those of us who are not mean spirited or evil but know these "things" are out there all around us would be smart to be prepared.
      > > the argument that no one needs a gun is made by those who are naive at best. stupid or media possessed is more likely.
      > > if this is your position i would urge you to do research on your own concerning the decreased crime where concealed carry is allowed. while researching, check on "gunfights" started by concealed carry people.
      > > the bottom line is not all of us are chuck norris and can disarm and defeat an assailant with our bare hands.
      > > i have a concealed carry permit and am always armed when i leave my home. i am trained to defend myself. i pray to God i will never have to draw my weapon and us it. but.........
      > >
      > your point is well taken and certainly correct but i think you missed one very important point.
      > people who do evil do not want anyone to retaliate against them so they try to disarm them by any means available. remember the movie "the magnificent seven", unarmed peasants forced to provide food and ... for the bad guys.
      > i think the American government may be the "bad guys" and us peasants may soon be unarmed and unable to fight back. thus the reason for the 2nd amendment. our founding fathers knew the dangers of a democratic government. outside forces own many of the politicians in washington and they pull the strings not you and me. it our duty to vote these sorry sobs out of office at the first chance. if we do not we have no one to blame but ourselves.
      > don't wait for me to do something do something yourself, NOW.

      ruth, here; Hello, Brian; glad to see you re still sharp! Hope you are well. It will be interesting to see how much farther those repugs/rethugs/etc., will
      Message 182 of 182 , Jun 12 6:34 PM
        ruth, here;

        Hello, Brian; glad to see you're still sharp! Hope you are well.
        It will be interesting to see how much farther those repugs/rethugs/etc.,
        will try to push the "envelopes". They have certainly done an interesting
        job, so far; even calling for child labor laws to be loosened. (Although,
        in Wisconsin, the Union busting didn't go so far as to destroy the fire
        fighter's Unions [for now], since they voted for the Gov., who promised
        "many great things". LOL
        They have even"'discovered' that a stagnant economy is fab for the elites.

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        On Saturday 11 June 2011 11:33:04 Tony Smith wrote:
        > Hitler was a lefty?
        > Just how far right are you, Jimbo?
        > Tony

        this is often confusing for non-Americans so I'll go over the history behind

        you see we've also used the phrase 'just to the right of Hitler' to describe
        ultra authoritarian types .but a couple dozen years ago the republican party
        took a
        hard right turn and one of them realized that that phrase didn't look so
        good when
        you've decided to brand yourself as a
        (yes that's all one word)

        so rather than changing their own views to something less unpleasant they
        decided it
        would be easier to change Hitlers views ,since he wasn't around to defend
        and they started this whole new mythology about Hitler being a liberal

        if Hitler had a grave he'd be rolling in it... with laughter



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