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Re: [mlathemods] Depth Stop

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  • David Robertson
    Thanks Geoff... I found them... David
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 25, 2007
      Thanks Geoff... I found them...


      Geoff.E wrote:

      Hi David,
      The photos for the Mill mods are in the Photos browser titled 'Z Axis depth stop', at http://tech. ph.groups. yahoo.com/ group/X_Series_ Mills/photos
      I do have some photos of c3 Lathe in the Photos of mlathemods also titled 'Sieg 2a' at http://ph.groups. yahoo.com/ group/mlathemods /photos/browse? b=33&m=t&o=5
      I tried to put some photos on the MiniMill Group but seems not to want me to post any?
      I find these groups unusually irksome for navigating!

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      no photo on the yahoo site..?? was it the photo site for this group? (mlathemods) ?


      geoffmalthouse wrote:

      My UK Axminster Mini Mill has a small bar screwed with 2 4 mm cap
      screws to the front of the spindle head.
      It turned out that it was a blank covering the place where some
      suppliers fit a safety chip guard.
      I thought it would be a good anchor for a Z Axis positive stop cum
      depth gauge?
      I have now completed this addition and have a very effective depth stop.
      The bar has cap screws top and bottom to act as a handle and retention.
      The depth bar is secured by a 8 mm grub screw with a brass protective
      I'm quite pleased with the result and it looks the part.
      See photos at 'Geoff's Depth Stop'

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