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Lathe Ideas: Super Mods

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  • D.H.
    I just posted this in the 7 X 12 group and thought that it would best be put here. I m just trying to get an idea on what my Micro-Mark(7 X 14 ) lathe s
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      I just posted this in the 7" X 12" group and thought that it would best
      be put here.

      I'm just trying to get an idea on what my Micro-Mark(7" X 14") lathe's
      limitations are so I get the correct tooling and accessories I need for
      my projects, and at the same time push the envelope on this lathe
      before I have to get a real milling machine. So it got me to thinking
      about what the perfect lathe would be able to do.(Within it's limited
      work envelope of course).

      Anyway, below is part of that post:
      ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
      It would be nice to have some sort of low profile, H/V 90 degree
      tilting, indexing rotary table(with small vice or chuck-like jaws at
      the perimeter) mounted to the compound slide that would have the
      ability to extend the cross feed travel to at least half of the swing
      so one can easily drill or mill opposite sides of a 7" diameter work
      piece. :-)

      Actually, a power-feeding assembly option to replace the tailstock
      might work better than if put on the compound slide.(But that would be
      some major modification). :-)

      Since I'm still a newbie(who hasn't een taken the lathe out of the box
      yet), perhaps someone has thought about tackling even part of a project
      like this?

      I have some ideas. :-)

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