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4159Re: [mlathemods] Tool rust prevention

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  • Hartley Falbaum
    Sep 17 12:50 PM
      I use LPS 1 for fine tools, like Micrometers and calipers, and other stuff.
      Works well in Georgia USA--hot and humid, or cold and humid, but always humid.

      It leaves a silky smooth coating.

      LPS 3 leaves a waxy coat like Boeshield--good for difficult areas.

      On Sep 17, 2013, at 3:16 PM, Joe V31JP wrote:


      Thank you for pointing out the T9. I will order a kit I found for $9.99
      of the rust removal & preventer. I normally use
      the electrolysis, but there are a couple impressive reviews. Especially
      regarding bike chains, a constant maintenance
      chore here with 4 bicycles. Also, I have used the camphor blocks here
      and that reminded me I am out. We use
      camphor in baby oil for mosquito repellent.

      On 9/17/2013 11:41 AM, WAM wrote:
      > I use Boeshield. T9 It also contains waxes. I have chucks that are about
      > 16 years old - no rust at all.
      > My late-father-in-law's machinist tools sat in a Gerstner for about 15
      > years after he died. Lot of rust. I used Rust Free and Jasco to get the
      > rust off and then did a heavy coat of T-9 - so far so good.
      > I was talking to the guy at Walton Tools (they make the tap holder The
      > Viper shows on Youtube) and he mentioned some sort of dip that they use.
      > Looks/smells similar to the stuff Channel Lock use to use on some of
      > their tools.
      > On a thread on the Chesapeake CAMS list a while back, people mentioned
      > using camphor (Google camphor rust prevention machinists ) - they
      > mentioned that it sublimes on the tools in the drawer. Similar to the
      > vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (
      > http://www.texastechnologies.com/corrosion-control/vapor-phase-corrosion-inhibitor-VCI.htm
      > ) I'm guessing...
      > LMS has something similar:
      > http://littlemachineshop.com/products/product_view.php?ProductID=3991&category=

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