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3190Re: [mlathemods] Re: Flat or raked part off tools?

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  • James W. Early
    Jul 6, 2010
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      The difference is cutting clearance that if inadequate will cause heat and excessive friction. If the tool is designed with sufficient clearance regions like the "T" style blades cutting loads and friction are drastically reduced resulting in longer tool life and more accurate parts. Most tool and cutting problems on lathes and mills are from improperly sharpened cutting tools. This is why I only use brazed carbide or HSS cutting tools on the lathe that i sharpen myself with the correct tool angles of between 8 and 15 degrees. Most cutting tools with inserts only have 3 to 5 degrees of clearance and this is why they overheat and burn up so rapidly and leave rough ugly tapered parts.

      Long Beach, CA

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      > Subject: [mlathemods] Re: Flat or raked part off tools?
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      > > If you use the modern "T" style blade you can run them
      > flat front or back.
      > > If you use the antique style blades that most
      > suppliers sell to the novices
      > > you need the angle just to make them cut.
      > >
      > > JWE
      > > Long Beach, CA
      > >
      > Ok being one of them novices, what is the difference?
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