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2373Re: [mlathemods] Lathe chucks mounted on Morse taper?

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  • Clayton
    Oct 3 11:07 AM
      Thanks for the feedback. What you say does makes sense. I haven't had a chance to check the runout on the taper yet but will do so at the next opportunity. I may pick up one of these chucks just for the heck of it and see how well it works.

      Richard Garnish <rdg@...> wrote:
      A 2 1/2" chuck on a morse taper would probably work great, within the
      limits of the spindle taper accuracy -- don't assume it's concentric.
      My spindle had runout of about .002" on the taper, whereas the spindle
      flange and register (for normal chuck mounting) were spot-on. I skimmed
      the taper with a carbide-tipped boring bar and MT3 finishing reamer and
      now the runout is around .0002", much better.

      As for larger chucks, I'd worry about the extra overhang from such an
      arrangement. Since you'd need a drawbar to pull the taper into the
      spindle (and the accompanying heavy object to release it) I don't think
      it'd be any more convenient than just unbolting the chuck each time.


      On Wed, 2007-10-03 at 00:46, mayt4442000 wrote:
      > I have a question for you experienced mini lathe users. Has anyone
      > tried using the 2 1/2 inch 3 jaw chucks mounted on Morse taper on the
      > 7x10 mini lathe? I see them for sale on ebay from lathemaster and on
      > mini machine shop. Just curious about how well it would work and what
      > kind of acuracy to expect. Why not a 4 inch 4 jaw independent also.
      > Then a person could leave a faceplate attached and change chucks
      > without unbolting the chucks everytime.
      > Thanks guys
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