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1539Re: [mlathemods] Re: worn out bed

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  • Norman Atkinson
    Mar 12, 2006
      For what it is worth, I would be either visiting an optician or a buying new measuring gear!
      As far as I recall the 9x20 lathe is one with an induction hardened bed. (I had a UK 918 which suggests the same machine, for years) This hardened bed is now worn down 13 thous so to do this, the wear on the rest of the lathe must be considerably more as the rest of the lathe is "normal" cast iron and steel. Again, the spindle bearings must now be worn out.

      Perhaps, before we all go off at further tangents, a series of measurements based on Schlesinger's limits for the small lathe would assist in giving a considered reply from those who have actually restored lathes.

      Perhaps this would be forthcoming?

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      >That's a thought; undoubtedly more accurate than a planer and I'm not
      likely to take off too much at a time; I knew somebody would have a
      better idea than I; thank you, charlie

      Rick A.

      > I would suggest a Surface Grinder.
      > Charlie B
      > Ringoes, NJ
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