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1161Re: [mlathemods] Re: Lathe Choices (more OT)

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  • j.w.early@att.net
    Oct 15, 2004
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      And what is funny and scary at the same time about this, is no one sees that it is done as a deliberate action to separate people into classes where they can be better controlled. The Brave New World is just around the corner and everybody but a few that are awake have happy smiles on their faces waiting for it to happen.

      Long Beach, CA

      Barry Goldwater Extremism in
      defense of liberty is no vice.
      Tolerance in the face of tyranny
      is no virtue.

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      > I agree as well. What is more, most of the construction classes are
      > really just maintenance man programs. Our electrical program requires
      > that entrants have had high school algebra. We routinely use trig to
      > figure out our pipe offsets. Yet the vast majority of electrical
      > programs in my area have no algebra course work! They learn the
      > difference between warm white and cool white fluorescents, how to rope a
      > little romex trough some studs and how to install a receptacle or
      > switch. We actually do better with the kids who went to the college prep
      > programs than we do with most of the kids who went through the
      > construction programs because they are better prepared with the basics.
      > Mike Wood, Cincinnati
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