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1158Re: [mlathemods] Re: Lathe Choices (more OT)

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  • j.w.early@att.net
    Oct 14, 2004
      But again that is the very reason I have my current job and have had it for about 15 years now. I can machine most any part manually on most types of machines and I can program almost anything practical in Basic, Excel or several major database systems. This allows me to build a program directly from the part drawing or take a customer supplied generated one and optimize it for better cycle times. The G-code program generators the collage boys use from the office produce cycle times only suitable for aerospace or government contract work. This is why so many CNC only shops are going on the auction block or being moved offshore.

      We have mostly old cam driven machines with a few CNCs for jobs a cam machine will have trouble with. A good machinist with a decent grounding in GW or MS basic can learn hands on G-code programming of CNCs in a few weeks and there are jobs for this kind of person all over the place from a low of $12 to $25 an hour, Most shops are loosing their butts on CNC machines because of non competitive cycle times a half brained idiot could cut down by 2 to 6 times faster by using straight moves instead of macro ones.

      Long Beach, CA

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      -------------- Original message from Gene Furr : --------------

      > Very True JW
      > Arkansas U.A had a great machine course but it is gone now with a lot of
      > other things. On the other hand we are living in the time when the true
      > machinist is a thing of the past. With the invent of all the CNC machines.
      > You don't even have to use end mills in a mill any more. Now it is a kid in
      > a office in front of a computer writing programs for untold number of
      > mills, lathes, saws and so on.
      > Out in the shop there is a minimum wage guy loading and unloaded.
      > The Geeks shall inherit the earth.....Gene
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