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1155Re: [mlathemods] Re: Lathe Choices (more OT)

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    Oct 14, 2004
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      forgive this reply for being so late I send all these metal working
      messages to there own folders so I can read them and keep a mental focus on
      what I'm reading, and it helps to fuel creative thot.

      Now on to what I'm replying to this message for.

      I see I'm not the only one who was thrown out of school :) , from all the
      OT messages you've posted you sound so much like me, we could have been
      born mental twins if not bio twins.

      I found that the teaching program was setup in a very narrow production
      line format, and I was never one to follow a set curriculum I was usually
      way ahead of what ever grade I was in, when I was in first grade I got work
      books that covered 1st through 3rd grades, I was doing the exercises in
      them at the 3rd grade level.
      my teacher actually discouraged me from doing the work and do the work she
      laid out.

      I've also had my run ins with preachers as well from when I was 8 years
      old and discovered that he was molesting all the kids that went to his
      church, I asked other kids what he did to them over the years and found
      hundreds of kids younger and older then me were molested by him, hearing
      all this I went ballistic pushed through all the adults and brought him to
      his knees (he was 6'2" I was around 3'5" -4' feet tall) and only had one
      target of opportunity so I took it.
      this right in front of a local off duty cop and his wife. finally 15 years
      later some kids started speaking up and he was finally busted only to be
      shuffled off to another church to continue molesting kids.
      funny thing about that cop, we were talking about something and I mentioned
      about what I did to a preacher when I was 8, he just said "That was you?"

      I've worked at places that mostly mussel was needed, but when it come to
      some form of engineering from reclaiming swamp land to fixing harvesters
      even some business plans I was the one they listened to and profited from,
      I saved a friend $700-$800 a year in heating his garage by switching from
      gas to using used motor oil from all the oil changes he does, to the
      contractor who started building a house in a riveen that all the runoff
      from the open fields above it flowed through, usually in walls 2' -8' high,
      in that case I just broke out laughing at him and told him about the water
      flow through that area. a few days later the foundation was gone and the
      area back filled to the way it was.

      ok, I think I've run on long enough, before I do a full autobiography ,
      I'll end it here.

      p.s. ever play chess online?

      At 09:55 PM 5/26/04, you wrote:
      >Liberals of either the Nazi or socialist flavors like things defined and
      >controlled so they do their best to make free form discussion unpopular.
      >Free form opens minds which is why Jason behaves the way he does by bringing
      >in the stinky mud and green slime as his kind always do when the real
      >problems come under productive discussion. The first thing these scoundrels
      >will do is to demean others spelling or grammar and calling them uneducated
      >because the do not do their Emails like a supreme court motion. Next will
      >come the you are a drunk or drug addict, or maybe if you are so smart why do
      >you not have a degree, I do.
      >Well once my dream of being a social historian was scrapped by their
      >altering all my grade above C to Ds or Fs and inserting a requirement in my
      >High School record that in order to get the graduation diploma I qualified
      >for both from my original grades before they were altered and the GED test
      >that I took in the Navy. to if I wanted a diploma from the district I would
      >have to retake in real time my freshman and sophomore years of math and
      >English in their classrooms during regular school hours. Collage was then an
      >impossibility for me as I was depending on the history scholarship my
      >history and social studies teachers had arranged for me on graduation. But
      >those two teachers, a local priest and one of the councilors arranged a
      >frame-up that got me kicked out of school before graduation and that with
      >the altered grades put an end to it. Did no one ever wonder why I despise
      >all forms of liberalism and fundamentalism so much.
      >I have learned jobs most collage graduates would need years to understand in
      >a few days or months as can most technically gifted people. Those who do not
      >have a technical mind can not and will never understand what a fair
      >technician grasps in a few moments. I combine a very good technical mind
      >with the organizing capabilities of a scholarly mind. I also have a natural
      >talent that I inherited from my Grandfather and that is deductive reasoning
      >that allows me to reach accurate conclusions on smaller groups of evidence
      >than most can. The highly educated who have limited experience in the real
      >world will labile me retarded or uneducated, while those that work with
      >hands and minds operating in concert will recognize in me what they find in
      >I try and speak for and with those others like myself who were pushed out,
      >pushed down or otherwise prevented from being what they should have been,
      >and instead in most cases became the best they could be anyway despite the
      >liberal nazis.
      >Long Beach, CA
      >Barry Goldwater
      >A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to
      >take it all away.
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      > > Seems like summa these machinists have more chips on their shoulders than
      >they do under their machines ...
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      > > But between windstorms, there's some pretty useful info on the list.
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      > > And that seems to be the way JWE likes it.
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      > >
      > > All these comments have gone way off topic. I left the 7X10 group for
      > > reason and do not want this site to go the same way.
      > > Go to that site if you want to talk about non engineering topics please.
      > > What do others think ?
      > > Ellis
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