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Chuck Nuts

Here is an easy way to start the nuts when mounting a chuck. Apply a short length of double sticky tape to the end of a popsicle stick. The tape will hold the
William Bassett
Jun 28, 2014

Re: Help Needed

What size are we talking about? I'm in Kent but only have a small lathe and limited tooling until Santa puts in an appearance, but if you're not in a rush I
Dec 17, 2013

Re: Way guards

Sure - they're just the Goralon square bellows from McMaster Carr - They come ready to go, in 1 ft lengths. I just cut them in a band saw to the height I
Dec 16, 2013

Way guards

I wonder if the gentleman who made the way guards is going to be generous enough to give us the information on the type of material used; the method of joining
Jim Ketcheson
Dec 16, 2013

Re: swarf guard

Any chance of some photos Thanks John Spain On Saturday, December 14, 2013 6:44 PM, bobaustin856 wrote:   ... Any chance of some
John Lindo
Dec 15, 2013

Re: swarf guard

They're the Goralon ones from McMaster. They fuse them into 1' lengths then stitch those. They come square; I just cut them on a bandsaw...
Dec 14, 2013

Re: swarf guard

Wow, those way covers are nice. are they stitched or glued, or both? cheers, c Blog: http://coreyrenner.tumblr.com/ YouTube Channel:
Corey Renner
Dec 14, 2013

Re: swarf guard

Take a look at the magnetic way covers I did: http://home.comcast.net/~ajawam3/swarf/lathe_mods.html#waycovers bobaustin856 wrote:
Dec 14, 2013

swarf guard

a silly thing--looked at various swarf guards to keep the muck out of the saddle moving gear train---I`v simply cut some magnetic photo paper to fit-its thick
Dec 14, 2013

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Graciously, Jim E. Lakewood, Calif. All Hail Rube Goldberg!
Jim E.
Oct 16, 2013

Re: Help Needed

... And people in England don't think they are in Europe. R James (Jim) Klessig P.E. | Senior Power Systems Engineer | Electrical Reliability Services, Emerson
Sep 20, 2013

Re: Help Needed

Boston & Plymouth here in MA, come immediately to mind. We have an Egypt, too. Mert ... From: mlathemods@yahoogroups.com [mailto:mlathemods@yahoogroups.com]On
Sep 20, 2013

Re: Help Needed

Hi,   It is not really surprising that there are a lot of UK place names in the USA.  Early settlers named areas after their home towns and districts in the
Ian Newman
Sep 20, 2013

Re: Help Needed

Mert That is Hadleigh, Suffolk, UK I think Malcolm I don't suffer from insanity I enjoy it! Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin The writing is on the wall. Ha-ktovet
Malcolm Parker-Lisberg
Sep 20, 2013

Re: Tool rust prevention

Interesting. Now to find it here. It dissolves in alcohol. I am stopping by the pharmacist today in town, I hope. ... -- Regards, Joe, Ronnie (Rowena), Marty
Joe V31JP
Sep 20, 2013
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