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[mkiv] Re: boost problems

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  • Arif Khan
    Thanks, I will report back as soon as I get some time to perform these tests. Arif sl300gullwing@gmail.com ... _______________________________________________
    Message 1 of 10 , May 9, 2010
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      Thanks, I will report back as soon as I get some time to perform these tests.


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      > Date: Sat, 8 May 2010 14:08:58 -0700 (PDT)
      > From: Thomas Bradley <myothersupra@...>
      > Subject: Re: [mkiv] Re: boost problems
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      > Hi Arif,
      > Do you still have stock boost cut in place and working properly or do you have any form of Boost Cut Controller or Fuel-Cut Defencer or "Free Fuel-Cut Defencer" done to your Supra? I ask because without the stock boost cut present and working normally, disabling the wastegate is a bad idea, especially on pump gas...
      > I feel that using the "check valves" method for Parallel/True-Twin Mode doesn't seem like it would be a valid test if there are problems with the actuators and/or VSV's because some or all of the check valves wouldn't ever be triggered and couldn't do their intended tasks for your test if the associated VSV's aren't working right so hard wiring the actuators into True-Twin mode seems like a much more valid test.
      > I suspect that you probably saw more boost in your Parallel/True-Twin mode "check-valves" test process only because of working the #1 turbo harder due to your disabling of the wastegate actuator by removing its' vacuum hose rather than getting any boost from the #2 turbo.
      > That doesn't mean anything's wrong with the #2 turbo itself, it just means it probably isn't being added to the mix due to possible sequential system issues.
      > Anything's possible but it sounds to me like you're not getting the #2 turbo online fully, or at all really, but you're on a good diagnostic path so far.
      > As David suggested, give the full True-Twin conversion a try but be sure to do it with the wastegate reconnected properly and see what boost you get.
      > Also, try the wastegate with the vacuum line connected through its' VSV like it normally is, then try it again directly connected between the turbo and the wastegate actuator with the VSV out of the vacuum line path and see if it makes any difference in boost levels. I'm just curious what you get...
      > Thomas
      > myothersupra
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      > --- On Fri, 5/7/10, David Engel <dengel1012@...> wrote:
      > From: David Engel <dengel1012@...>
      > Subject: Re: [mkiv] Re: boost problems
      > To: "The MKIV.com National Mailing List" <mkiv@...>
      > Date: Friday, May 7, 2010, 1:44 PM
      > I would wire the actuators open like at the bottom half of this page:
      > http://www.mkiv.com/techarticles/ttc/ttc.htm
      > It sounds to me like maybe you aren't getting enough pressure to the
      > actuators to open the valves fully.
      > Be very careful with the WG disconnected. Those hybrids should be able to
      > over boost pretty easily once you remove whatever is causing the
      > restriction. Watch the boost gauge and let off quickly if you see it
      > shooting up past 17-18 psi.
      > David
      > On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 10:24 AM, Arif Khan <sl300gullwing@...> wrote:
      >> David -
      >> I am running a catalytic, however, it's a random tech high flow which
      >> was installed 1.5 yrs ago same time as the hybrid turbos. Since then,
      >> the car has driven about 600 miles. I am also running a stock air filter
      >> box with a new filter. Oil and fuel filters are new as well as the motor
      >> oil. Oh, and I've got a RMM 3" downpipe with an HKS Titanium catback
      >> exhaust.
      >> Lance - I tested the actuator that next to the reed valves and it moves
      >> smoothly and under about ~50 mbar of pressure.
      >> Since I've had some time to do some testing this week, I did the ttc
      >> without involving VSVs (check valve to the actuator) and was able to get
      >> boost to go up to 8 psi before it dropped off. Also, I got this level of
      >> boost with the WG VSV hoses disconnected to eliminate the chance the WG
      >> kicking in. I was hoping to see at least 10 - 12 psi.
      >> Could the pressure bottle be suspect? It's the only component of the
      >> system I haven't tested as yet.
      >> As always, thanks for all the advice and patience.
      >> Cheers,
      >> Arif

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