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1Small list update

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  • cassius622@aol.com
    Mar 7, 2000
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      Hi folks,

      I just visited the list homepage on Onelist, and have made a couple of
      changes to the settings.

      First, I discovered that there have been NO archives for this list. ACK! I've
      just set Onelist to save the archives so that stuff won't be lost for good.
      On a whim I set the list so that *anyone* may view the archives, even if
      they're not a member. (My hope is that once browsers get a chance to sample
      the ever-present wisdom of the subscribers, they'll naturally have to join
      and become regulars!) ;) On the serious side, if anyone objects to this or
      it becomes a pain for some reason, the archives can be easily set to "members

      The second change is that there is now an automatic "welcome letter" sent to
      all new subscribers. It gives two important bits of info... that the list
      homepage (http://www.onelist.com/group/mithras) has good stuff like a
      wonderful collection of links, and also that one must go there to
      unsubscribe. The letter mentions clearly that one can *not* unsubscribe by
      posting "unsubscribe" to the list. Hopefully that'll save a few headaches.

      Finally... I notice that there is space at the list homepage for storing
      pictures. Anyone out there have neat Mithraic images they'd be willing to
      share? :)