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James MITCHELL, 1740 Northants

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  • Dave Rossiter
    Hi List, I ve been dealing with other family branches for the last couple of months but I think it s time to start looking for my Northants MITCHELL roots
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      Hi List,

      I've been dealing with other family branches for the last couple of months
      but I think it's time to start looking for my Northants MITCHELL roots again.

      The story so far (siblings not included) -

      My Mum,
      Peggy MITCHELL was the daughter of Sydney William MITCHELL & May HOOKER

      Sydney William MITCHELL (born 1892) was the son of William James MITCHELL &
      Ada WISE

      William James MITCHELL (born 1868 - Little Harrowden) was the son of John

      John MITCHELL (born 1843 - Isham) was the son of James MITCHELL & Hannah

      James MITCHELL (born 1797 - Finedon) was the son of James MITCHELL & Mary

      James MITCHELL (born 1772 - Cranford St. John) was the son of James
      MITCHELL & Sarah SMITH

      This last James MITCHELL married Sarah SMITH at Sudbury (Sudborough)
      Northants in 1765. He died at Cranford St. John in 1803 after having been
      parish clerk for a number of years.
      Sarah, his wife, died in 1827, from her age at death I estimate Sarah
      SMITH's year of birth as 1741.
      James MITCHELL appears in the 1762 militia list as a servant from Cranford
      St. John. He would probably have been over eighteen, so I estimate his year
      of birth as between 1740 and 1745.

      As parish clerk, James could read and write - fairly uncommon? so may have
      been at least partially educated, which may suggest some degree of status
      for his family - perhaps the younger / youngest son of someone with money.

      The only establishment likely to have had servants in the Cranfords would
      have been Cranford Hall - unfortunately there are no records of servants
      etc. at the NRO.


      Can anyone help with
      James MITCHELL (174? - 1803) ?????
      Sarah SMITH (1741 - 1827) Sudbury
      Mary WOOLSTONE (1761 - 1823) Finedon
      Hannah CLEAVER (1799 - 1885) Isham
      Jane TOSELAND (1842 - 189?) Little Harrowden
      Ada WISE (18?? - 19??) ??????
      May HOOKER (1892 - 1980) possibly Luton, Beds

      Any information - the earlier the better, or suggestions on how to move
      back with J.M. gratefully received.


      Dave Rossiter
      Dave Rossiter



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