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When reading a region with multiple parts and write it again not all

Hi, Having some troubles with the following functionality. I have a mapinfo project with a region with 2 parts inside. When I double click on one of the parts
Feb 13, 2015

Symbol Fonts and Contributing Changes

Hi There, We are using the ORG tools to translate MapInfo TAB files to other formats and are using the OGR_STYLE to transfer per-feature styles information.
Apr 7, 2014

fix to mitab_mapindexblock.cpp

Hi, We have identified some situations, where we get division by 0. It works OK with win32, but in Win64 we get an exception and a partial file only. The
Uffe Kousgaard
Sep 15, 2013

how to achive mapbasic ConvertToRegion eloquent in mitab

Hi List Please help me I am writing some sample code with mitab to generate map for GSM cell towers with sectors i have done sectors using poly line but at
Aug 1, 2013

mitab_c_set_font in combination with TABFC_MultiPoint

Hello, I know the documentation says those two cannot be used together but I'm searchng for a way to apply font styles to multipoints. For normal points there
Jun 18, 2013

MITAB performance

We have been doing some tests on generating large TAB files (OpenStreetMap for Germany) and how to reach an optimized spatial index. 3 runs were executed,
Uffe Kousgaard
Mar 5, 2013

Re: compiling Mitab on Visual C++ 2005

Can any one tell me how to add .dll in my project LNK2019 ERR C1189. ADDING DLL DOESN'T OPEN ETC....
Dec 10, 2012

compiling Mitab on Visual C++ 2005

I tried compiling Mitab on Visual C++ 2005 Team Edition. It doesn't work with it. can any body help me regarding this any steps that i would to follow. I need
Dec 6, 2012

How to add lib file in a project

I need help to add mitab lib file to own project or can anybody tell me how to compile or run it in vs2005.
Dec 6, 2012

Re: Status and plans?

Uffe, There is a plan to release mitab 2.0 someday... but we don't have any date with it. A few feature developments are still on hold and I have no idea when
Alan Boudreault
Aug 13, 2012

Status and plans?

Last public release was 1.7.0 in April 2008. Looking at bugzilla, it seems like some bugs has been fixed since then (with the exception of the one I have just
Uffe Kousgaard
Aug 6, 2012

Get MBR of tab file

Hi, In MapInfo there is a very quick way to get the MBR of all features in a TAB File: First: set coordsys Earth Projection 10, 157, "m", 0 Bounds
Jun 15, 2012

Re: MITAB.dll

Uffe, You're a bloody legend!!! ... which roughly translates "Thank you very much Uffe" in English. Cheers mate. Keith.
Jan 29, 2012

Re: MITAB.dll

Hi, Try without the bounds clause: mitab_c_create( "C:\DERM\QIF2MapInfo\QIF2MapInfo_CS\Resources\TestData\Output\TAB\aurukun_i_BasePly.TAB" , "tab" , "CoordSys
Uffe Kousgaard
Jan 29, 2012

Re: MITAB.dll

I know this is a very old thread, but the content is relevant to my question, so please forgive this small necromancy. I create a dataset passing the CoordSys
Jan 29, 2012
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