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Free track, I see a Cloud, from New Album, The Family Amusement Cent Comrades, It's been a while! After quite some expansion we're close to ready to release our new album The Family Amusement Centre. To celebrate this, and to
Feb 6, 2011
Free Download Mixtape by Grandmaster Gareth Hello, I got asked by the people who put on Bestival to do a mixtape for them. It's now online and is free to download. I'd say if you like Misty's, you'll
Nov 17, 2010
Off On Tour! Wotcha! Well this week we are getting in the Misty Mobile(s) and heading off on tour. A bit like Batman and Robin, but without the costumes and crime fighting
Oct 12, 2010
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Manchester Gig & A Drawing Competition! Dear all, Before I tell you of the drawing competition, I want to make it known we have a gig in MANCHESTER on the 1ST OF OCTOBER at INDIGO. Tickets are £5
Sep 23, 2010
Quick Mistys Message - NO SPAM Hi, Though we do have strict security measures in place (though, no guns) I'm afraid a nasty little spammer manged to infiltrate the Misty's fortress and
Jul 6, 2010
An Unpolitical Broadcast From The Misty's Big Adventure and Brute Fo Dear Constituents, This week is an important week for Britain. We know you want change. We know you want something a bit different. We know you want something
May 4, 2010
Misty's in Brighton, Oxford, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Lon Dear friends, This is to remind you all that we're going to be playing a few gigs over the next couple of weeks. These are them.... 23rd of April - BRIGHTON,
Apr 21, 2010
GIG DATES & BRUTE FORCE Hello, We are happy to announce some forthcoming gig dates. They are.... 23rd of April - Freebutt, BRIGHTON 29th of April - Jericho Tavern, OXFORD 30th of
Mar 23, 2010
Gig Update Hello, I'm afraid our Oxford gig, that was meant to be this Saturday, has been cancelled because the promoter has decided the stage isn't big enough for us.
Dec 15, 2009
CHRISTMAS GIGS AND GRUMPIEST FUN! Hello, Through the wind and the rain I bring you news of some Christmas Time gigs. We will be playing The Club Academy in Manchester on the 17th of December,
Nov 24, 2009
Misty's Autumnal Update Dear all, This is just a quick email to say Misty's will be playing the Hare And Hounds in Kings Heath, Birmingham this Friday (30th of October). We will be
Oct 29, 2009
More Gig Dates & Twitter Information Hello, Hope you are all well. This is just to let you know we have a few more gigs booked in June and July. JUNE 6th - BIRMINGHAM, The Hare And Hounds 12th -
Mistys Man
Jun 10, 2009
Manchester Gig (Part Two) IMPORTANT TO READ IF YOU'RE COMING TO THIS Hello, We're really sorry to mess you about. After all the confusion over this gig, I finally managed to get in touch with the promoter who informed me that
Mistys Man
May 8, 2009
'Manchester Gig Information' Hello, In true Misty's fashion, it turns out we've given you one bit of misinformation. The Manchester gig is now on the 22ND OF MAY at the venue Blink, and
Mistys Man
May 6, 2009
Misty's May/June Dates Dear all, This is just a cheery message to let you know we are to be doing a number of dates through May and June. We will be playing some new songs from our
Mistys Man
May 5, 2009
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New videos !!!! again Hi, There have been a few problems with the mailing list so sorry if you have received this news already, please bare with us. We finally have two new videos
Mistys Man
Feb 12, 2009
New videos !!!! Happy New Year! We finally have two new videos made by our esteemed director friend Mark Locke (responsible for Fashion Parade/Story Of Love/Hey Man/Night Time
Mistys Man
Jan 26, 2009
NOTTINGHAM'S gone too Hey everyone, This feels like some bizarre general election - "oh no we've lost Nottingham" We're sorry but Nottingham has had to be cancelled as well but we
Mistys Man
Nov 14, 2008
TOUR UPDATE...some dates cancelled Hi, LEEDS, YORK, NORWICH, GLASGOW, BRIGHTON shows are now cancelled. The band are absolutely devastated about this but there is nothing they can do. The
Mistys Man
Nov 13, 2008
Misty's Tour Starts This Week! Hello, This is just a quick email to let you know the tour for our new album Television's People starts this week in Leeds on Thursday. Below is the list of
Mistys Man
Nov 12, 2008
Free chips...... Hello, We need your help. Yes we do. As you know, we have a tour coming up in November, and we could really do with a hand letting people know. We are looking
Mistys Man
Oct 15, 2008
New album from Misty's - Out next week! Hello, This coming Monday, the 6th of October, is the release day of our new album Television's People on CD and LP. We've been lucky enough to be given a list
Mistys Man
Oct 1, 2008
Cheap tickets for Misty's fans!!!! Especially for members of the Misty's Big Adventure mailing list, the lovely organisers of the LLANGOLLEN FRINGE FESTIVAL are offering a special reduced ticket
Mistys Man
Jun 1, 2008
Special Misty's Gig ATTENTION - PEOPLE OF BIRMINGHAM - END OF AN ERA This Sunday, the 11th of May, is the last ever gig EVER at The Jug Of Ale in Moseley, Birmingham. We're
Mistys Man
May 6, 2008
A COMPETITION and a favour! Hello, We've decided to do a competition to win a signed copy of Funny Times to celebrate finally having a video for Serious Thing. We have three copies to
Mistys Man
Apr 10, 2008
NEW MISTY'S VIDEO Hello, The new video for Serious Thing has been finished and can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taDE1_jlz-s It's a remarkable piece of work, maybe
Mistys Man
Apr 5, 2008
Message from Misty's Big Adventure Hello, On Thursday the 20th of March, Grandmaster Gareth, Lucy, Hannah and Sam from Misty's, along with our friend Matt Eaton who's in Pram, will be performing
Mistys Man
Mar 17, 2008
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Gigs ahoy! Misty's Big Adventure will be venturing out for a selection of special dates, the occasion being, I believe, to celebrate the completion of the new video for
Mistys Man
Feb 25, 2008
Funny Times Hello, The new album by Misty's Big Adventure finally sees a release this week. It's called FUNNY TIMES and is the debut release on the band's own label GRUMPY
Mistys Man
Nov 9, 2007
Misty's on the Radio Hi, One of the first deejays to show an interest in Misty's back in 2003 was a lovely chap called Chris Hawkins, well he's still going strong and is indeed
Mistys Man
Oct 25, 2007
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